How to Read Renault Kangoo BCM N2 95160?


read this bcm N2 renault
kangoo 95160

I would like clone donor one. I don’t have car.
Need read mcu to do that.

Renault Kangoo Bcm N2 1

Renault Kangoo Bcm N2 2

Renault Kangoo Bcm N2 3


Check this

Programmer to read: original Orange5

Kangoo 2008 (95160)
Renault Kangoo 2008
Original transponder PCF7936 PCF7946
Allowed transponder PCF7936, PCF7946
Data location 95160
No. of keys 4

Renault Kangoo 95160 1

Immo location

Dismount the plastic panel

Renault Kangoo 95160 2

Disconnect plus and pull immo out.

Renault Kangoo 95160 3



If you want to make keys, Renolink/Renault Tool is the solution. Or DDT2000 to read dump and then generate APV to learn keys.

Or read dump with orange 5 and file make key with original Tango key programmer.