How to Clone and Add VW Jetta 2014 IMMO4 Key with Auro OtoSys IM100/IM600 by OBD

How to:  clone an original key onto a KeylessGo 48 transponder and add a key to a 2014 Volkswagen VW Jetta 4th generation immobilizer NEC24C64 using the Auro OtoSys IM100 / IM600 tablet key programmer via OBD.


Part 1: Backup Vehicle Data


Backup eeprom and immo data before operation

Connect IM100/IM600 and UP200 programming adapter with vehicle via OBD diagnostic socket

Select IMMO->VW->Smart Mode


Reading vehicle information


Select Backup vehicle data



The instrument will have a black screen which is normal phenomenon. It will reset automatically when read data success.


IM100 read EEPROM and then IMMO data.

Save NEC24C64 eeprom and immo data as bin format


Part 2: Clone KeylessGo 48 transponder


Cloned an original key onto a KeylessGo 48W transponder using the OtoSys IM100 ( which will also work on an IM600)

Select VW->Smart Mode

Reading vehicle information and analyzing immo type: Megamos 48 key, #31 key blanks

Auro IM100 read current number of keys

Select Copy Megamos 48 key

3 Steps to complete ID48 key cloning

Step 1. Read Immo data
a blank key must be a cloned key (ID id modifiable )

Insert the start key and turn ignition switch to ON position
Reading immo data wait until completed

Step 2. Read and write key ID 

Select the key ID already existed in the vehicle in the drop-down list to perform ke copying operation


Put a blank key/key chip in the programmer key hole and then Press OK


Write key ID complete

Step 3. Make dealer key

Key cloning success


Part 3: Add a key

Add a key to a 2014 Jetta using the IM100 / IM600 without deleting existing keys.

Select Key Add


If vehicle has kessy:
The remote Start function of the key may fail after using Key Add function.
The key needs to be pressed close to the key induction area if want to start vehicle


3 Steps to add key:

Step 1: Read Immo data

Step 2: Make dealer key

Insert a blank key into UP200 adapter’s key hole


Wait making dealer key success

Step 3: Add key to vehicle 


The following opeartion will modify the instrument data.
The ongoing process is non-uninterruptible, or it may cause damage to the instrument

Add a key completed.

Now you have 4 keys in car.


Test the new key and start car.


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