How to install VCM 2 IDS V86 on Windows XP, Windows 7 64/32bit

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Why do you need IDS V86? What’s the difference from the new version?

IDS v86 crack: install directly on Windows native, for pre-2012 vehicles

IDS new versions original: 3-day trial v91 vmware (fix the day)->v100 (other new ids )

IDS latest version: IDS v109



Windows 7 32bit and 64bit: confirmed!

Compatibility: Ford VCM 2 china clone incl. SP177-C1, SP177-C, etc.

Tech support: remote installation



Important note:

IDS v86 with v81 calibration can be used for ECU programming offline to old Ford.

With IDS new versions, users can program ECUs online with their own accounts!


How to install Ford IDS V86 software:

IDS 86 Windows 7 64 bit

IDS 86 Windows 7 32 bit

IDS 86 Windows XP


In detail…


running Windows 7 64bit: (suggestion from users)


using vcm2 with software version v86

without freezing or otherwise was as follows
Install v86 reboot
patch ids reboot
install calibration files reboot
install extended programming reboot
when installing I just installed in compatibility mode for windows xp sp3 and don’t have a problem, I did have an issue with the wireless because windows wanted to take over everything, its on a dell d531 with 4gb ram, which I use to run a vm image of ids 106 which chris one of the members on here posted, also running on a dell e6320 with 8gb ram, v86 in windows 64bit native and the 106 in vm. ids driver version 5112, only real problem I had was when I tried to upgrade the firmware through vm which left the vcm2 locked, used the bosch manager inside my v86 to reflash back in windows native, took about 25 min and saved my unit.


running Windows 7 32bit: (suggestion from users)


Just Installed Version IDS V86 onto fresh laptop running Win7 32bit. The Patch within the the IDSv86.partXX.rar files did not work. But Loaded IDS_v86_patch worked perfect. Had to kill detection manager and probetickhandler in task manager before it worked. Checking IDS Software license Type Evaluation. Days Remaining on Licence Unknown
Will the programming feature expire after 60 days or does it need a fix or does the patch fix that?

Tested it with Ford PCM on the bench with using 3x different VCM’s.
First VCM
1. Original VCM Ver79 => V86 Worked Perfect + Programming PCM .PASS
Second VCM
This one had issue running on V53 not stable, but works great Now
2. Clone VCM Ver53 => V86 Worked Perfect + Programming PCM. PASS
Third VCM
3. Clone VCM Ver79 => V86 Work ok for diagnostics but fails to Programming PCM. FAIL


running Windows XP: (Tech support from


1 Install a new fresh windows

  1. Make sure o firewall activated no antivirus
  2. Install the Ford IDS V86 Software, then reboot PC
  3. Update it if you have the upgrades files till v86.04 ( the last one )
  4. Then reboot
  5. Apply the patch and choose to be for VCM 86.01A and for what kind of tool do you have.
  6. Reboot and start the IDS V86 software for use


Hope it’s helpful.