Carprog v9.31 read and erase BMW EEPROM M35080

Free download Carprog full v9.31 software shared by a forum member and tested on BMW EEPROM M35080.. No issues.


Carprog 9.31v software i used on Windows XP operating system:!QF4D2ajZ!sew7H0E2wZeo7bfNdM3XJn4yN8i2BZGQ1u4nmR-O3dA


And China Carprog clone device used together with:


direct connection to EEPROM. m35080 chip is used for most BMW cars.


Then i used it to read M35080 and fast erase M35080 (about 10 seconds) EEPROM in circuit with auto-detection


Other EEPROMs are being on the test. Test results will be reported here. And you may be risky to try…