Peugeot 307 BSI hc912 pinout to Carprog,Xprog,UPA

Problem  before entering the topic:
I tried to read Peugeot 307 BSI valeo hc912dg128 with Xprog M V5.50 ECU programmer. I connected 4 points on the pcb (nyo instruction) and there is still device initializing in xprog when I try to read. I trying with bdm hc(s)12 adapter and straight connection to xprog with same issue.

There is sticker on bsi : Plan 9636760580 E , Piece 96098180, Variante C
Boot:7.2, Orde Valeo: 00125446

I’m almost sure there is hc912dg128A inside.

I went to forums for help. Problem solved finally.  I attach the solutions and pinouts for whose who need as mine.

1.If you use Xprog M,try this! Blue reset, Green-BKGD.


Use cable C12,take off back side from BSI,then connect or solder cable leads according to pin as shown of below photo:


I just connect like this and there is still device initializing after click read in xprog menu. Maybe mine xprog is faulty. (I tryig usb connection and com connection with power adapter 12v 300mA) and using soft: device programmer desktop v5.0. I’ve read /write with no problem hc5, hc8 and hc11 when desoldered with this equipment.

Then i find another work 100% pinout with xprog m (see picture below).




I’ve read it at last by xprog in circuit. I just install xprog on my second laptop – old IBM T23 with real com port and now it works . If you have problem with Xprog in usb change port to com4. I load the bin file here.!WodEFCJY!4xwTDXPyO01WGxZ4N6fyrdWw1u0cO3HI3BRMKPZiXSI


2. UPA USB programmer works good on this BSI. Just solder 4 wires. This is the connector pinout with UPA



3. Carprog full also works good to read eeprom. See picture and use carprog. Text in photo is Spanish.



4. Orange 5 programmer will read Pug 307 BSI eeprom well. Pinout attached as well.