CKM100 BMW Key Programmer for CAS4 CAS4+

Original YanHua CKM100 Car Key Master auto key programmers now come with BMW CAS4 & CAS4+ authorization and adapters/cables for module programming.


(2010-2012) BMW CAS 4: 5/6/7 series and X3

(2012-now) BMW CAS 4+: 5/6/7 series and X3

Old B-M-W (EWS2.EWS3.EWS4)


9S12 Adapter: Applicable to CAS ECU module programming of BMW 3/5/7 series of electronic chassis

K&CAN Cable: Attach 3 socket: BMW CAS1 socket, BMW CAS 2/3/4 socket, BMW DASH socket

CKM100 master BMW model lists:


  1. Support EWS 1/2/3/4, CAS 1/2/3/5.

B-M-W 1/3/5/6/X (E87.E90.E91.E92.E60.E61.E63.E70.E71) series black shell


B-M-W 1/3/5/6/X (E87.E90.E91.E92.E60.E61.E63.E64.E70.E71) series black shell CAS 3/3+

B-M-W 7 series E65, E66, CAS

* CAS 1/2/3 read data and program by OBD2.

* CAS 1/2/3 can read data offline and program by CAS CAN.

2.Program EWS 2/3 by K line.

3.Unlock and program 7943/7944.

4.Support YH BM7 and M5/3 Key.



Note 1:

If BMW CAS4/CAS4+ is not authorized for your CKM-100 key programmer, you can buy 390 tokens to get all BMW CAS4/CAS4+authorization and Super BDM programmer. Also, buy 10 tokens once can be okay.


Note 2:

CKM200 key tool has stop production and cannot support BMW CAS4/CAS4+.