Mercedes Temic ECU Boot Mode Wiring to KESS V2 Truck Master

This is the instruction on how to connect Mercedes Temic ECU Boot Mode cables with new kess v2 firmware 4.024 truck master version clone ecu programmer, how to tune a Mercedes truck by ACTROD 1857, and how to proceed when PIN 7 is free.


Tools used:

KESS V2 4.024 truck version master ecu chip tuning kit


Truck information:

Manufacturer: Mercedes Truck

Model: Actros (MP2)

Version: 1840 11, 95L V6

Type: OM541LA

KW: 295

GP: 401

Fuel: Diesel

MY: 2008


Mode: BOOT

FAM: 146



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Available manual: Mercedes Temic ECU Boot Mode Cable

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Boot mode wiring for Temic ECU144300K213

Notice: there are two types of cable for this protocol; power requirements to work correctly is +24V.

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How to tune a Mercedes truck by ACTROD 1857

Locate the Electronic control unit placed on the right of the engine base, next to the oil sump. The ECU externally has two external junctions for Diesel fuel and two connectors for circuity visible from the front splashboard next to the crossmember. In some cases, you can find two plastic shields covering the ECU.

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The electric connectors can be detached by sliding the lower part laterally (the smallest one has the movable part in yellow). This is the connector we will use to communicate with the control unit.

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Remove the ECU from its compartment and open it: after cutting all the sides of the case, including the parts near the screws, proceed VERY CAREDULLY to lift the cover. Insert a screw driver into the comers near the screw and then lever up, thus avoiding any possible damage to the aluminum edge of the ECU. Take great care to not let the screwdriver (or any other leverage tool you may use) fall into the ECU.

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Once the ECU is open, you can carefully lift the cover and get the parts below.

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Now that the ECU is open, you have to check the 16 pins connector (on the truck side of the ECU): it is important to know whether the pin 7 is free or not.


How to proceed when PIN 7 is free?

You have to connect pin 7 of the 16 pins connector to a pad on the ECU. The position of the pin to use in the 16 pin connector is always the same, regardless of the hardware (PSOP Flash EPROM or TSOP Flash EPROM).

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The other end of the wire must be welded to the programming pad of the ECU, located in different positions depending on the layout of the ECU.

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4 types of ECU:


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Warning: we suggest to use the wire supplied in the kess V2 truck remap kit, as it is high-temperature resistant. To avoid any problem, you can remove the wire once you have finished the reading and/or programming.


Connect the cable to the ECU and to the kess v2 master, then proceed with the programming, following the instructions given by the software.

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Warning: improper use of wires may often cause problem and short-circuits: we will not be liable for any eventual damage due to wrong wiring.