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I have had V2.13 kess v2 ecu tuning kit master clone built with firmware V4.036 for about 4 months and read & write to about 8 cars. And last week, I went to send a VW Caddy EDC16. This read fine with no error’s at all.. Got the file mapped..


But today, error message “security code not ready” always came with ksuite.

read a MK5 Gold TDI EDC16—> got this error “security code not ready”

went to ID the Caddy and got the map—> got the same error “security code not ready”

tried to read it—> still the same error

changed the Speed min—> still the same error

waited 40 min in the car with the key on switch 2—> still did the same error

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Optional solutions by other users with the same error – security code not ready

— solution 1

I had this problem once after writing with empty battery.
kess v2 4.036 master says all ok, but after this, the car crank but not start.
cooling ventilator works.

Helps to write the ecu in BDM mode. But first you need full BDM for it.
my tuner have prepaired file fo me to write it. After writing, I can read out it an make DPF off.


— solution 2

very easy!

Just change read speed to slow

But, if this does not work, leave ignition on position two for 30-40mins

Then try to read ECU without turning ignition off when KESS V2 ksuite software ask.


— solution 3

connect and correctly choose driver

Choose setup, in options IDENTIFY, READ, WRITE, RECOVER, SPECIAL and SETUP

Choose SPEED, in 2 options PULL UP and SPEED

Select MINIMUM, in 2 options MINIMUM and MAXIMUM.

Note these options do not appear to be sticky so you must do this for each attempt.

It is also important to have around 14.5 volts present, best achieved with a stabilised power supply suitable for programming support, but I have had success with a heavy duty jump starter/charger connected. It might be worth mentioning that trying this with the headlamps or side lamps on in an attempt to smooth things out results in read failure every time, as does a voltage of 13 volts.


Here, i used Solution 2, only made the read speed slower. And all backed to work normally. i have used this Kess v2 ecu programmer to read a MK5 Gold TDI successfully this morning.


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