Galletto 1260 read & flash ECU guide for beginners

Following part displays some knowledge of using Galletto 1260 Chip tuning interface, including the Galletto 1260 setup guide, ECU reading and ECU flashing.

ⅠGalletto 1260 Setup Guide
Equipment preparation:
A laptop/computer with Windows XP system, a good battery

1 Copy the all files from Galletto 1260 CD to the desktop.
2 Connect the USB cable to the laptop/PC and install the FTDI driver.
(NOTE: If the program fails to launch automatically, you have to set like following: Control panel>>Performance and maintenance>>System>>Hardware>>Device Manager to select the tool and update the driver.)

Ⅱ ECU Reading Guide

1 Make sure your power supply is no problem. Disable other program of your laptop/PC.
2 Run an extension cable down to your car and connect the charger.
3 Remove the fuse box cover beneath the steering wheel.
4 Connect the Galletto 1260 to the vehicle’s diagnostic OBD port and connect USB connector to the laptop.
5 Open “New Serial” program.
6 Turn on the switch by double click until the test light on. Do not start engine. Wait 1o seconds for the lift pump to finish priming.
7 Select vehicle make
8 Select ECU data. The ECU data can be renamed and saved.
9 Turn off the switch and copy the ECU data file to your laptop after finishing ECU reading.

Ⅲ ECU Reflashing Guide

1 Transfer remapped file over to your laptop when your received the file.
2 Check the file size is 512KB and check the file is using the check sum tool available.
3 Make sure the powerful battery and other accessories are removed from your vehicle (e.g remove head unit, turn off the fans, headlights etc)
4 Connect the Galletto 1260 interface to your vehicle diagnostic port and connect USB connector to the laptop/computer.  The following step are the same with Ⅱstep 5 to step 8.
5 Click “Open file”, select the new remapped file you are going to load to the ECU.
6 Select download file. Make sure disable other program.
7 Turn off the ignition when the lift pump has stopped after the program prompts.
8 Press OK and wait 10 minutes. Then switch ignition on and follow the instruction.
9 Now start remapping ECU.