Launch X431 ECU Programmer vs CG FC200

What’s the difference between Launch X431 ECU programmer and the CG FC200?


Check the table comparison below:

Item Launch X431 ECU Programmer
Launch X431 Ecu Programmer
CG FC200
Software language English, German, Japanese, Russian, French, Portuguese, Korean, Italian, Arabic, Traditional Chinese English ONLY

(French, Spanish,

Polish, Turkish authorization)

Offline/Online version Online version Online version
Operation mode Bench Bench, Boot, and OBD



ECU types Bosch, Siemens, Continental, Delco, GETRAG, Temic Bosch, Siemens, Continental, Delco, GETRAG, Temic
Virtual Reading No No
Checksum calculation Yes, it will do checksum correction Can calculate checksum online

as long as the subscription is


Support DTC Gearbox Yes Yes
Audi VAG Gearbox Yes Yes
PCR 2.1 Yes Yes
EDC16 Yes Yes
EDC17 Yes Yes
ME9.0 Yes, need MPC5XX adapter
MSDxx Yes Yes
MSVxx Yes Yes
Simos 12.x Yes Yes
Simos 8.x Yes Yes
6HPxx Yes Yes
8HPxx Yes Yes
ZF 9HP No Yes
Continental TC17 Yes Yes, need MPC5XX adapter
DKG Yes Yes
SID208 Yes
9G Tronic Yes
MPS6 Yes Yes
GM 6TXX/6LXX Yes Yes
GM Exx/Txx Yes Yes
MEG17.9.2 Yes Yes
MEDG17.9.8 Yes Yes
SIM271xx Yes Yes
Read ISN Yes Yes
MG1 MD1 Yes Yes
With wiring diagram Yes Yes
Clone ECU and TCU Yes Yes
ECU Search


Search ecu by bosch ecu

number, car brand

Search ecu by bosch ecu

number, car brand

Immo off Yes for older medc17xx ECUs Yes for older medc17xx ECUs
MEDC17 ECU Clone Yes Yes
VAG Simos 8.5, 8.6 Clone Yes Yes
Porsche Simos 8.5 Clone Yes Yes
Porsche SDI 6-7-8 Clone Yes SDI7, SDI7 yes, SDI8 no
Update & Subscription


1 Year Free update, subscription

is $150/ year

1 Year Free update, subscription

is $200/ year



FC200 supported ECU List


Launch x431 ecu programmer

supported ECU/TCU list

Launch Ecu List

Keep updating…


In sum:

Launch X431 ECU programmer and CG FC200 are very similar.

FC200 will read and write some ECUs via OBD and boot mode, Launch programmer mainly do bench read/write.

FC200 will do some more ECUs (MD1CS089, SID208 etc) with recent updates.

Both software is user-friendly, Launch x431 has multi-language option, FC200 only English.

Due to recent user feedback, launch ecu programmer is wining in fc200 in speed. it is faster in reading and writing. It is good for cloning. as well.