How to Reset Launch X431 V+, Pro3S+, Pro5 to Factory Setting?

Expand Launch X431 Storage Capacity 01

If your Launch X431 V+, Pro5 or X431 Pro3S+ Lenovo Android tablet says the device is corrupt and will not boot. You may need a firmware reflash.   Preparation: Download 605 patch including these files: QUD.WIN.1.1 QPST.WIN.2.7 emmc_appsboot_printlog_and_repair.mbn… Continue Reading

What American Vehicles Does Launch X431 Pros Mini Work on?

X431 Pros Mini Scanner American Vehicles 05

Question:  What American made vehicles does Launch X431 pros mini scanner work on? Answer: X431 pros mini scanner covers many American vehicles such as Ford, Buick, Chrysler, Chevrolet, dodge, GMC, etc, please check detailed supported vehicles from this link:… Continue Reading