What American Vehicles Does Launch X431 Pros Mini Work on?

Question:  What American made vehicles does Launch X431 pros mini scanner work on?


X431 pros mini scanner covers many American vehicles such as Ford, Buick, Chrysler, Chevrolet, dodge, GMC, etc, please check detailed supported vehicles from this link:


You can select Model, year, system, function, take Ford passenger car for example.

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X431 pros mini for American vehicles, any successful case?

Yes, This tool just arrived a few weeks ago. The quality of the unit seems decent. The best part is the Bluetooth connectivity being quite convenient which allows me to run the diagnostics wirelessly. Thus, I can hold the device in hand while checking the component in my cars and find the root causes of the problem. Moreover, the tool was so accurate and effective that it correctly identified the airbag light problem on my 2012 Chevy Suburban as a bad right front sensor, and the ABS light on my 2007 Ford Focus as an open circuit on the right rear (broken wire), to help me save so much money having my issues known ahead of time and be educated enough before hitting the dealer or mechanic. Great job!

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  1. On a Dodge Ram

X431 pros mini is tremendous. It offers features that I didn’t even know were possible without the factory diagnostics.

So far I have completed a relearn on a 68RFE transmission in a Dodge Ram, along with key programming. I have also fixed a power lift gate in a Mercedes-Benz E500 that wouldn’t open beyond a few inches by renormalizing the limits. It also offers coding options for various features, giving you control over things such as speed limiters, power folding mirrors, and climate control functions.

So far it’s only been three days of using this tool and learning the incredible amount of things it can do. That being said, I feel confident in saying it’s the best money I’ve ever spent on any diagnostic tool.


  1. On a 2003 Chevy truck

Just got launch pros mini a few days ago and d promptly put it to work on a 2003 Chevy truck where I was having issues. The unit seems to work a lot like a Tech 2 I had borrowed some time ago but a bit easier to use on the Chevy. I also connected it to my Ford and my Jeep but the jeep is a bare bones from the factory from 2000 so there is not a lot for it to read other than the powertrain and that is limited to the engine because it is a stick. So far I am really happy that I got the unit. It reads way more than my basic older reader and the bi-directional aspect as well as graphing really make it a great tool. Pretty easy to use and intuitive. Mine came with Android 7.0 and ti is a nice case and package.

It even was able to read the obscure Quadraster codes. This is going to be a great tool and the size and lack of all kinds of cables make it easy to use while the vehicle is in motion as well. You still have to know how to interpret the results but it gives you way more tools than a reader. Just one crank relearn cost savings will pay a big chunk of the cost. Totally worth it.


  1. On 08 Caravan

X431 pros mini scanner works great already used to bleed abs pump in a couple cars and reset service lights. Cleared a tranny code on my 08 Caravan that my normal scanner couldn’t. Downside is that its a bit slow but worth it considering the price and 2 years of updates.



2013 Ford F-150 3.5L the actual coverage is fantastic and easy to navigate, once you get there. PMI functions are there – Nice.


6.  2008 Dodge Ram 1500, Automatic ID works perfectly. Injector kill test works as advertised.

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