Launch X431 vs Autel vs PIWIS for 2021 Porsche 992

Launch X431 vs Autel vs PIWIS III which is a better diagnostic system for 2021 Porsche 992? Check user unbiased review here:

Launch X431 Vs Autel Vs Piwis

The Launch X431 (i.e X431 Pros Mini) setup process involves downloading all of the latest software that they have available. It also included reading the owners manual/instruction booklet that comes with the tool.

Most of the setup was either fairly straight forward or intuitive if one has had any experience with these sorts of pc driven diagnostic tools.


When I connected this tool to my 2021 Porsche 992 it did recognize the car correctly. Year, Make, Model and VIN (which is how Y.M.M. information is determined) were correct. What data it could read was accurate and easy to obtain.

Make sure you have v23.90 or above Porsche software loaded to the X431 scanner.

I must say that the SEARCH function is stellar compared to what is available on PIWIS and available at every turn.

Working both PIWIS and Launch is a recipe for an enormous waste of time. Things are not in the same place WHILE some items are there others are not. I’ve not really given it the time it deserves, but snow is falling again… so here is a brief summary of what I tried just to see if it would communicate and write to my 2021 992

* It seems to be able to do SRI (Service Information Reset) and modify service intervals

* You are able to modify the steering wheel temperature

* You are able to disable seat belt warning

* You are able to perform battery registration (I went up to the menu where you input data which is as far as I felt comfortable since I don’t need my LiFeO4 replaced now…)

* I wasn’t able to find where to change the flasher control which is in BCM2 in PIWIS and should be in Rear End Electronics in Launch.

In most of these cases the item may be present but is just called something different. For example, to enable rear lights with DRLs on the x431 (and Macan just FYI) this is located in Front End Electronics but if you look for Daytime Running Lights it’s not there as they’ve called it Daylight Driving Lights. No longer present so I don’t know if the name changed (I didn’t stupidly search for DRL this time) or it’s just not available in Launch X431 for 992.

* Steering Wheel Electronic as I mentioned you are able to change the temperature but not able to link it with heated seat as on the Macan. Choices available are scant compared to on the Macan and PIWIS.

* It also read/accessed the changes I had made to the car (at least those I was able to find) like Speedo RED

So depending on what you want to do this is a VERY BRIEF overview I wanted to share for those wondering whether to buy this or not. For the casual user (tire changes, oil service, SRI…) this is more than adequate. It’s a heck of a lot simpler but doesn’t obviously drill down as deeply as PIWIS does.

It’s also self contained with a WiFi/BT that works – that Porsche still doesn’t recommend WiFi meaning you have to perform all your work tethered to a USB cable in 2021 is pathetic. The x431 feels comfortable in your hand and certainly easier to work with than a laptop. Performing actuations on rear light for example with x431 is a cinch as you walk the hand held to the back. With PIWIS either someone is there, you place a mirror in back or balance the laptop on the dash hoping not to rip out the USB connector while you go check.

For SRI and oil change I will use Launch X431 as well as other pointed mods, for the rest I will have to rely on PIWIS.


As for Autel scanners, here is another review on mp808.

The good news is that the Autel scanner (MP808 specifically) does clear the Maintenance and Oil Change Reminders.BUT it, unfortunately, has a number of other issues, due to which, I must rescind my implicit recommendation of yesterday:

1.) The use of some “Active” (bidirectional) functions particularly pertaining to the PCM must leave little bread crumbs behind that disable the PCM entirely or disable some functions Ex: Volume control, station selection, Car Play Launch Control, etc. Restoring the PCM is a rather circuitous and time intensive process, to say the least.

2.) Many bidirectional functions do not exist or do not work at all or the scan tool reports that the VIN Number is not accurate. FWIW the Scan Tool reads the VIN and it is correctly being read when compared with the actual VIN for the car.

3.) Some of the selectable “Buttons” when navigating their menu driven system are occasionally in German. IMHO, in the scheme of things, I don’t find this to be a major fault.

4.) The Scan Tool had a “Button” to “Delete Data”. Which should clear existing records of accumulated history. Ex: How many times a switch has been closed or opened. I never did find anything this “Button” would actually do.

5.) Etc.

Finally I spoke with Autel Technical Assistance. They were very pleasant and were able to retrieve the various screen captures and data logs of the above and other items. However, they are relatively clueless and offered “maybe” a beta software version. So in a nutshell the software clearly isn’t ready for prime time.



Latest version covers all Porsche vehicles I own (2020 Macan, 2021 992).
Steep learning curve, only good for Porsche, limited SEARCH function, though WiFi available Porsche still recommends when programming not to use and remain tethered via USB cable (definite PITA), need to get VCI, software and PC as separate components (vs Launch or others)

Launch X431:

Latest version covers 992. Search function available throughout, for certain items (SRI) more intuitive (IMHO), WiFI, small size hand held tablet beats schlepping a laptop, initial program offering is two years of free updates.

Cons: Will never be as complete as PIWIS

Price by the time (assuming you don’t already have a laptop to sacrifice) count on 6-800 for an all in one purchase for Launch as to PIWIS about a grand.

Bottom line is unless you already have an analyzer for your other toys and you have other than Porsche vehicles Launch, Autel or other makes sense – check for free update duration, number of updates per year and vehicles covered. etc. If you just have Porsches and want to do some serious mods or do your own work PIWIS is your choice.