Free Download Subaru Driver for Xhorse MVCI Pro

Does Xhorse MVCI Pro work with Subaru SSM3 and SSM4 Software?


SSM3: Yes, MVCI pro J2534 cable works with SSM3 without issue using proper driver.

Install SSM3 driver in mvci pro Device management tool.

If SSM3 does not communicate with cable, delete SSM3 driver and manually install Subaru driver again.

J2534PageInstaller.exe driver

Disable anri-virus program before downloading.

Xhorse Mvci Pro Subaru Ssm3 1

SSM4: Not working.

Here is the user report:

Installed MVCI Pro 2.1.4 and SSM4 on different Win10 computers but cannot communicate. The cable is green but not blinking. The MVCI Pro program finds the cable and installed the Subaru driver from it but it does not work. The weird thing is that it detects the cable with firmware version V1.6.2 and the latest version is V1.3.0.

Xhorse Mvci Pro Subaru Ssm3 2

Xhorse Mvci Pro Subaru Ssm3 3

To use Subaru SSM4 software you’d better get VXDIAG VCX SE Subaru device instead.


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