2023 Xhorse MVCI Pro vs MVCI J2534 Cable

Xhorse released a new MVCI Pro J2534 passthru cable in May 2023. What’s the difference between new MVCI Pro and old MVCI cables?

Check table comparison below:

Item Xhorse MVCI Pro Xhorse MVCI
Image Xhorse Mvci Pro Xhorse Mvci Cable
Product status Released in May 2023 discontinued
D-PDU Protocols Yes No
J2534 Protocols Yes Yes
Toyota Techstream Yes Yes
Honda HDS Yes Yes
Subaru SSM4 Yes No
Ford IDS Yes No
Mazda IDS Yes No
Volvo VIDA Not yet Yes
Firmware V1.2.0 (keep updating online) V1.4.1
Firmware PCB Mvci Pro Pcb 365 Xhorse Mvci Old Pcb
Update Update by link
Driver MVCI Pro driver MVCI driver
Operating system Win7, Win8, Win10 WinXP, Win7
*MVCI Pro does not have CD software, software download by link.

*Keep adding new compatible software to MVCI pro j2534.

Old mvci is 3-in-1 cable, the new is all in one. The old mvci does not supports D-PDU protocols, it is not compatible with VAG, Ford, Mazda and many other car brands.


How to use MVCI Pro J2534 with Toyota Techstream?

How to use MVCI Pro J2534 with Honda HDS?