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Can OBDSTAR DC706 do IMMO Off on GM ACDelco ECMs, i.e 2016 Silverado E92 ECM? If so how do we calculate immo for it?



Here is the clue.

OBDSTAR DC706 ONLY does IMMO Off on VW 7GV and Renault EMS3132 etc engine computers.

Obdstar Dc706 Ems3132 Ecu 12

For other ECUs/ECMs, DC706 will not turn immo off on its own.  It can flash a file with immo removed, if you have such file.

Here is another solution.

There’s an “HPT to .BIN file converter”, so you CAN do that if you don’t want to buy the tool. And the HPtuners software is free to download.

If you have a file for engine .HPT, you can edit file in the software hp tuners

Convert it to .bin.

Then flash it using OBDSTAR DC706.

Hpt To Bin Converter

Software Free Download
After downloading and installing the software please send Your Machine ID to
We will send you a file of regkey back.



For GM ACDelco ECMs, your better option would be HPTuners.

With HPtuners you will be able to edit out all the DTCs related to the missing modules of the network, as well as all the emissions related DTCs


Aother option would be to purchase the ecm’s already unlocked and immo removed.
There are other websites that sell the ecms in that state.


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