ECU Bench Tool “S1 S2 Pinout Error” Solution


The ecu bench tool device has stopped communicating with the ECU. S1 error s2 pinout error. edc17 doesn’t connect either. I connect it well.

Ecu Bench Tool S1 S2 Pinout Error


Make sure the driver has been installed and the wiring connection is correct.

Don’t connect according to the color of the cables, follow the name marked on the cables.

Hold the Reset button to reset the device. Hold it till lights flash. And restart software.

Ecu Bench Tool S1 S2 Pinout Error 2

If not working, download/ install both software and try again.

Download EBTSetup
ECU Bench Tool AMT Offline Software Download

Don’t run software or firmware online updates, otherwise, we are not responsible for the damage.