ECU Bench Tool Read & Write Simos PCR2.1 without Unlocking

ECUHelp ECU Bench Tool reads and writes Simos PCR2.1 on bench online.  You need nothing to unlock. Unlock is only for the Digital Signature.


ecu bench tool Simos PCR2.1 pinout

Ecu Bench Tool Simos 2.1 Pinout

Today Simos PCR2.1 read and write FULL Flash without unlocking. VW Golf and vw caddy



only use this version with amt bst online version from your seller

in offline version of amt bst sw is a patch for offline work included.

original amt bst soft is only online work possible.

in sw is a cvn fix in checksum correct included on MEDC17, but i tested this not.

after start the software, a firmware update applied on the ecu bench tool!

you install the online version of software (EBTSetup) but without the old version of ecuhelp.

leave this installation on your pc.

after the first start with your tool plugged in, an update to version 1.16 will be found.

Download and install it without the tool being plugged in.

then you start amt bst as normal but the new one, you delete the link from the old one.

Open the sw… will come up with a update.
Now unplug the interface.
Carry out update…this will ad amt to c:/amt (take not of directory)
Install update.
Close sw
Go to c:/amt u will see newfiles and amt application.
Now plug in the interface and open the new amt icon…
It will now install the update.



i tested pcr2.1 id no problem
Ecu found configuring now
Requesting Seed key
Seed key passed
Tricore TC1796 found
Internal iRom memory size: 0x200000
Internal eRom memory size: 0x020000
External xEpr memory size: 0x002000
Ecu Boot ID: 03L906023T
Chip ID: 4104898704C01C8F82060010
Write protection enabled.
irom 01:38 min
erom 00:10 min



Simos pcr2.1 read and write perfectly.
It’s online. The black box is just a home made easy connector i made for the tool, so i can use with different connectors/pins.
I’ve R/W more than 10 pcr2. 1 without issues.
Ecu Becnh Tool Pcr 2.1 2
Ecu Becnh Tool Pcr 2.1 1
all ok Read full pcr2.1 and write with ecu bench tool
Ecu Becnh Tool Pcr 2.1 3 Ecu Becnh Tool Pcr 2.1 4 Ecu Becnh Tool Pcr 2.1 5 Ecu Becnh Tool Pcr 2.1 6 Ecu Becnh Tool Pcr 2.1 7
ATTENTION: a firmware update is being made and the ecu bench tool can no longer be used with the online software.
Who upgraded to online software may have a brick. Offline version will not read PCR2.1 full flash. 
With offline version ecu bench tool software because online version was removed from the device. Software can be downloaded here for free