How to Use CDA 6.13 6.14 with wiTech Micropod 2?

Possible to use CDA 6.13/6.14 with WITECH VCI POD or MicroPod 2 clone?


CDA5 has been tested and verified working with both VCI Pod clone and Microped 2, works for basic stuff, like to change VINs, read/reset DTCs, unlock PCMs (at least a 2004 to level 3), etc.

Any idea if Micropod 2 can run CDA?

How about newer CDA 6.13, 6.14 and 6.7?

It is a Yes. CDA 6 works with clone Micropod ii.

CDA6 is working only offline. This cannot be used to access any ‘online’ features. You can’t update online or automatic, need to get and select the correct flash file for the module first, but you can flash all modules with CDA6 and make many configurations, adjusts and modifications.


Support vehicles: Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Fiat
Works well with years till 2022


How to modify micropod2 clone with CDA6?

Micropod firmware downgrade is required. You can find Micropod2 firmware Downgrade Utility & SN changer tool on google.

Use the Micropod 2 software utility tool to downgrade a micropod 2 and changed the serial number, the micropod 2 works great with both CDA 6.14 and 6.7.

Downgrade Witech Micropod2 1 Downgrade Witech Micropod2 2

A note about the firmware utility.
People have a tested and verified a downgrade path from witech 2.0 to witech 1.0.
People have also extensively tested downgrading firmware versions of witech 1.0 to earlier versions of witech 1.0.
People have verified which firmware versions are needed for CDA 6.7 and CDA 6.13.


Micropod II + wiTech + DRBIII