KT200/KTM200 Reviews

What would you say this KTM200/KT200 ecu programmer over any other ecu tools?  Here the success and failure report from KT200 users.
Software version is V22.08.20. Works only with KT200 interface connected. If the hardware is not connected the software does not start. Win7 and Win 10 32bit and 64bit work great.
It’s one of the best clone around.

Kt200 Pcb 1Kt200 Pcb 2

Same protocols as Dfox.  About VR, it doesn’t work without user intervention the user must get the file from somewhere else such as Ecuhelp (SW received together with ECUtuner) PCM Tuner, and so on.

MD1, MG1, DCM 6.2a, PCR 2.1 OBD unlock, EDC16, EDC17, ME9, BDM, Boot all tested working.


PCR 2.1 OBD Unlock OK
KT200 Ecu Programmer Pcr21 1
KT200 Ecu Programmer Pcr21 2
KT200 Ecu Programmer Pcr21 3
KT200 Ecu Programmer Pcr21 4
KT200 Ecu Programmer Pcr21 5
KT200 Ecu Programmer Pcr21 6
MD1/MG1 Yes
Here is an example:
EDC16 Yes everything works perfectly also the checksum.
KT200 EDC16 bench full backup- Fiat EDC16C39 MPC561/2 FCA
KT200 Fiat Edc16c39 Bench Full Backup 1 KT200 Fiat Edc16c39 Bench Full Backup 2 KT200 Fiat Edc16c39 Bench Full Backup 3
BMW EDC16C35/CP35 MPC563/4
KT200 On Bench 1
KT200 BDM Test 2Kt200 Edc16c35
BMW EDC16C1 MPC555/6 full backup on bench ok
EDC17 Yes everything works perfectly also the checksum.
VAG EDC17CP14 TC1796 on bench ok
Kt200 Vag Edc17cp14 1
Kt200 Vag Edc17cp14 2
Kt200 Vag Edc17cp14 3
Audi EDC17CP24 TC1796 on bench ok
KT200 Audi EDC17CP24
Honda EDC17CP58 on bench ok
Audi MED9.1 MPC561/2 on bench read very fast

KT200 Audi Med9 1

KT200 Audi Med9 2 KT200 Audi Med9 3 KT200 Audi Med9 4
Internal Flash Boot
read ecu Infineon SAK TC1738 ok
Read Infineon SAK TC1796 ok, the reading takes only 4 minutes and writing under a minute.
Internal Flash Boot
Hummer Delphi delco p01 hummer h2 6.0 v8 ok
KT200 Hummer Delphi Delco P01 Hummer H2 1
KT200 Hummer Delphi Delco P01 Hummer H2 2
KT200 Hummer Delphi Delco P01 Hummer H2 3
SID206 read ok, but took 38 minutes in boot mode. Apart from this everything works well.
KT200 BDM Test 1
KT200 BDM Test 2
VAG PCR2.1 R/W/EEP Unlock ..ok
VAG EDC16U1 R/W..ok
BMW EDC17CP02 R/W..ok
BMW EDC17C50 R/W..ok
PSA ME7.4.5 (BOOT) R/W..ok
PSA MEV17.4 R/W..ok
Read and write BMW MSV90 in boot
Read and write Toyota Denso 275036- 4520 in jtag BDM mode
Read and write JCB EDC17 CV44 on bench
Read and write VW-EDC16 U31 on bench
VW Touareg 7L 3.0TDI Edc17cp14 Bench Mode: ok
Renault 1.2 Gasoline Siemens Sirius 32 Bench Mode: ok
Audi A5 2.0 Gasoline Bosch MED17.1 VR read via OBD: ok, Bench Mode: ok
Smart ECU EDC16 clone ok
Edc 16u34 read,write bench ok
Edc 16u1 read obd ok,write obd fault, bench ok.
Read and write Nissan MD1CS006
PCR2.1 Unlock Read and Write
Read 9df via obd 3hour
Mercedes ML 280 CDI 2005 EDC16CP31 Bench Read/ Write Stage 1
Isuzu Dmax transtron ecu 4JJ1 read & write ok via OBD, No need use easy hook again for this type ecu.
Md1cs018 r/w success
Psa edc16c34 obd R/w ok
Edc16cp31 jeep bench all ok
Mercedes e220 crd3.7a obd r/w
Mazda 6 2.2 2013 Denso obd r/w
Jaguar Sid 201 OBD R/W ok
Peugeot DCM 6.2 OBD R/W ok
EDC16c35 BMW E61 530d Bench write /all good
VW EDC17c64 R/W in bench ok
Write by obd also ok
Seat EDC17u01 R/W bench ok
Audi EDC17c46 R/W bench ok
Audi Pcr2.1 R/W in bench ok *unlocked)
PSA Sid208 password on bench okay R/W in boot okay
SID206 BDM read (18 minutes)
BMW EDC16 CP35 bench read/write
Citroen Jumper BlueHdi DCM6.2C read/write OBD
Mercedes ML CDI ED16CP31 full read/Write Bench
Ford focus 1.6tdci sid 807 can read/write ok
Bmw Edc17cp09 read/write OK
Keep updating success and failure results.
Final conclusion:
KT200 is pure dfox and works very well, study the list and see if it covers your requirements.