wiTech Micropod2 Clone Failed to Register Mopar?


I want to register witech micropod2 clone diagnostic scanner on Mopar.com. It won’t accept the serial number and reported an error ‘unable to register device’.

Any solution?

Witech Micrpod2 Mopar Register Error 1

Witech Micrpod2 Mopar Register Error 2


Chrysler tech authority for subscriptions use to work fine with clone micro-pod2 for programming with witech1 17.04 . Now Chrysler has changed from the normal site to now mopartsp.com that wants any obd tool registered and warning wiTECH 2.0 requires Mopar’s 2017 secure microPod II (WSP-31560 or above). The device you attempted to register to your account does not meet this criteria.

Ever since witech/tech authority moved to MoparTSP, micropod clones don’t work for ECU programming. This is down to all clones sharing the same serial number meaning you cannot get around the device registration.  The process to register and configure the software is difficult if you are not in USA.

There is a limited range of approved devices, any other legit J2534 devices might work, might not.

With cda6 offline its one option to do ecu programming.


How to Use CDA 6.13 6.14 with wiTech Micropod 2?