How to Set up ForScan for Vgate vLinker FS USB Interface?

FORScan team recommends the Vgate vLinker FS USB interface for its full FORScan’s advanced functions, Ford agreements and modules.  Compared with the other Forscan supported interfaces, the Vlinker FS USB interface is fast, with rock solid connection, no dropped packets, no data corruption.  The Forscan software together with the VLinker interface has the ability to scan all the modules installed on the vehicle, read and delete the error codes, view the live data, rewrite the coding of the modules, update the software version on different modules.


Top advantages of vLinker FS:

  • Supports FEPS 18V programming voltage output in FORScan.
  • Automatic Electronic Switching ( HS-CAN and MS-CAN)
  • Avoid manually replacing the CAN line when programming
  • Support 12V & 24V Car 
  • reach 3Mbps transmission speeds

Vgate Vlinker Fs Forscan


How to Set up ForScan for Vgate vLinker FS USB Interface?

Download and Configure Forscan:

1. Download ForScan Application. This software is dedicated to Ford Mazda Lincoln.

Download and Install the app from (Forscan free for Windows)

Setup Forscan For Vgate Vlinker 1

2. Download USB driver
Download FTDI driver on, choose DRIVERS, then VCP Drivers.
Select the driver according to your computer system.

3. Connect vLinker FS to the laptop/PC
Plug in the USB, the red light flashes once and the blue light is always on

Setup Forscan For Vgate Vlinker 2


After downloading and installing for ForScan software, open the software on desktop
Go to Settings, Select Connection tab
Click Auto-Connect
Change Connection Type from ‘Auto’ to ‘FTDI

Set Baud rate to115.2 Kbps.
Remember to choose ‘Auto-Increse‘ box

Set up shown as pictures below

Use Forscan With Vgate Vlinker Fs 2

Setup Forscan For Vgate Vlinker 5

Use Forscan With Vgate Vlinker Fs 3

5. Plug vLinker FS into the vehicle
Insert the OBD, the blue light and the green light is always on

Setup Forscan For Vgate Vlinker 7

4. Turn vehicle ignition to ON position
For push-button start vehicles, press the Start button twice without pressing the brake
5. Launch Forscan for Windows
In the App, click the connect button. Your vLinker FS is now ready to use.

Go to vehicle and interface information
Now the software is scanning car modules

All the modules were scanned on a Ford Focus MK 3.5, 1.5 TDCI, year of manufacture 2016.

Use Forscan With Vgate Vlinker Fs 4

So far very happy with the Vgate Interface. I think one Main Point is that it seems to be one of the Only Adapters that support FEPS.
Works great for me – Forscan updates the Interface Firmware with one click – NICE and simple-
Vgate is cake, I was probably done turning off my DRLs within 15 minutes of opening the package.


What a ForScan compatible interface set correctly:
You can get very good results for module scanning, live data, modules coding and rewriting certain functions.

You will get much better results than using ELMM327 or J2534 interfaces.