Which Tool to Replace BMW FEM/BDC Module?

‘Cloning’ with BMW FEM or BDC is a bad word. We would rather say BMW FEM/BDC replacement.  What tool can change bmw fem module and will it work as expected?

You can get bwm explorer, Autohex II, CGDI BMW, Xhorse VVDI BIMPro, Yanhua mini ADCP, AUTEL IM608, Launch or some other scan tools out there.

1.Autohex II

Autohex II will be the best option to perform FEM/BDC module replacement.

Cloning the full data from one FEM/BDC to another is possible in Autohex II software.

For doing this you need to unlock both original and donor FEM/BDC All the data stored in control like keys, ISN, VIN etc. will be transferred from the original to the donor. This option helps to replace FEM/BDC in the easiest way when the original FEM/BDC is damaged.


1.unlock fem on bench using anyone of the 3 methods
2.Read DME ISN and write to FEM
3.match VIN inside FEM
4.restore Vehicle Order from original FEM or manually
5.do codding for fem from indiv coding
*If mileage is more than car mileage needs to do mileage reset too.

BDC Clone Step 1 Of 2 106

BDC Clone Step 1 Of 2 106

Check guide here as well: http://blog.obdii365.com/2019/10/02/replace-bmw-fem-bdc-with-used-one/

the job is not easy, make sure you have

1.backup Data
2.get secret file
3.maket virgin/reset mileage
4.after Fem is virgin need to write isn what you got early /vin



2.Xhorse VVDI2 or VVDI BIMTool Pro

it is possible to replace with a used one.

Unlock fem old and save backup file fem. unlock fem new and write file backup (write vin/isn ecu)

The ISN from ECU, you need isn save from old and write to new. Try the new vvdi prog bosch ecu cable to not have to open ECU .

eeprom 95128 or 95256 need read and write.

Xhorse VVDI2  it okey. You can replace fem to other fem (both new and used FEM. This is confirmed by Xhorse engineer). Its 15 min.

Vvdi2 Replace Bmw Fem

3. Yanhua Mini ACDP

Yanhua ACDP with module 2 supports

  • Repair/Replace FEM Module without soldering/welding

Before replacing the used FEM, please backup the IMMO data first,  then write the Immo data using ACDP Mini.

For old module, need to Backup FAFP data and IMMO data (image below).

Yanhua Acdp Replace Fem

Yanhua Acdp Replace FEM

For new module, need to perform 7 steps to complete replacement

Back coding data
Write FAFP data
Write immo date
Write coding data
Add/learn key
Reset starter motor
Detect vehicle info

Replace BMW FEM 1

Copy data replace: this menu is selected when FEM/BDC module data still can be read

Calculate data replace: FEM/BDC no communication, cannot read data, select this menu to calculate data to replace module


Video guide:

How to change VIN in BMW FEM/BDC with Yanhua Mini ACDP?


4. Autel IM608 or IM508 XP400

Main steps:

  • Read EEPROM
  • Modify Data
  • Backup Coding
  • Renew FEM
  • Replace FEM module

Procedure: Autel IM608 BMW FEM/BDC Module Replacement Guide

Keep updating operation guide of other devices..


To sum up:

To practice you can set bdc in the wiped state.
There’s a function like that.
You have to modify vin
Copy and write key data
Copy and write isn.
Car should start.
Copy VO and write to donor with Esys.
Flash/code with esys.
You will have problems with ELV. Easiest way is delete it and code out.