Autel VVDI Xtool or ACDP to Read Porsche BCM 5M48H 2M25J

Which is the better Porsche BCM 1N35H, 5M48H, 2M25J reading and key programming tool, Autel IM508/IM608, Xhorse VVDI, or Yanhua Mini ACDP?


Autel MaxiIM IM508  /  IM608

You have to disassemble the BCM. You also need to be able to desolder 2 components. You have to take a module out, solder some wires, cut some circuits on the board.
Autel Im508 Prosche Bcm Key 1

Autel Im508 Prosche Bcm Key 2

Autel Im508 Prosche Bcm Key 3

Read bcm, make dealer key, programming obd. The procedure is not difficult.

If from bcm mcu is 5M48H, it has less risk, you can try to do it on bench.

If it comes with 2M25J, be carefull, it will be expensive and very risky job.

Removing components is easy but many will screw the BCM while cutting the line.
Not worth the risk.

Autel Im508 Prosche Bcm Key 4

Better Do NOT touch that BCM with XP400 Pro!!! 90% chance you will make the MCU memory go wrong.


Here is the instruction on Porsche BCM key programming using Autel

Xtool KC501

Xtool also requires removing components to read Porsche BCMs.

How to Read Porsche BCM 2M25J with Xtool KC501?


Xhorse VVDI

Xhorse have solder free adapter. VVDI Prog does good job on it!

You can do it with vvdi prog+ vvdi2 or key tool plus using no soldering adapter, it’s much easier, but be very careful.

Vvdi Key Tool Plus Porsche Bcm

vvdi prog + vvdi prog without problem. Always use BACKUP option to read dflash and pflash. 

Read d-flash/pflash. Write key via dump tool and write back dflash. Or do key learning (don’t need to write back)

Vvdi Prog Porsche No Soldering 1

Vvdi Prog Porsche No Soldering 4

Vvdi Prog Porsche No Soldering 8

Vvdi Prog Porsche No Soldering 10

Vvdi Prog Porsche No Soldering 11

Vvdi Prog Porsche No Soldering 14

Vvdi Prog Porsche No Soldering 15

Vvdi Prog Porsche No Soldering 16

Yanhua Mini ACDP
ACDP breezes these too. Not by OBD (by ICP). It is straight forward.

Verify the customer key- placement of LED. If it’s right above the lock unlock, yes. If around the logo, no.

Yanhua Mini Acdp Bcm 1 Yanhua Mini Acdp Bcm 2 Yanhua Mini Acdp Bcm 3 Yanhua Mini Acdp Bcm 4

Key programming procedure goes here

Yanhua Mini ACDP Adds A New Key to Porsche BCM 1N36H No Soldering


CG Pro 9S12

CG Pro 9S12 does not have solder free adapter. You need good soldering skills like xp400.

You can read data, and write key directly in CGPro, don’t need another tool.

CG Pro Read Porsche 2015 1N35H BCM and Write Key (No Need Other Devices)