Godiag GT100 Breakout Box Review & Test Reports

Godiag GT100 Breakout box is tested by an increasing number of users, they all think highly of it for what it do, in short, it is good quality, easy to use, help save much money, helps narrow down the issue etc.


Please read carefully what they’ve tested, overall the review is unbiased, not from the seller:

  1. Very well made, solid junction box with good quality strong harness and connectors.

Great bit of kit, easily connected to car using ECU modules and straight forward to use.

Great value for money, able to use on multiple vehicles.

Overall, great product if you want to control you own destiny with car fault codes.


For some users feedback there is no instruction in the package, the manufacturer will arrange add it in the package. So far, please refer to obdii365.com videos, the below link include all we tested:


Godiag Gt100 Review 2

The package comes with plenty of adapters, jumper cables and accessories for use.

Godiag Gt100 Review 01


  1. for doing diagnostics, vehicle immobilizer & security work whether it be on the bench with the included power adapter or in the vehicle with the OBD II port supplying power.
  2. I always use this to verify that the networks are communicating properly and that there is proper power and grounds being supplied to the box assembly. You don’t want to hook your very expensive scan tool up and it be fired because you didn’t have the proper powers and grounds from somebody’s previous shoddy work on a vehicle.


  1. Godiag GT100 is the easier one comparing with other brands of Breakout boxes, it comes with additional features for doing ecm, ecu repair on vehicles.


  1. For diagnosing your car when you have a check engine light, having this definitely helps us narrow down the issue.


  1. Reset the check engine light


  1. Can save your settings on your radio when you change your batteries, it is very cool.


  1. Able to use GT100 without having to get a scanner. It has the potential to save money on diagnosing car issues and repairs. Mine has worked well with great accuracy.

Godiag Gt100 Review 03

Godiag Gt100 Review 04


  1. Can be connected with multiple modules. Strong compatibility, making use and diagnostics more integrated and robust.


  1. Give early stage of signal/alert that need to work on before it completely breakdown, this helps to save a fortune and avoid a great chance of standing in the middle of nowhere waiting for rescue.


  1. Godiag GT100 supplies the vehicle with power when you are transferring batteries to avoid data loss which is another plus to this box.


  1. 12. Using a Vident scanner and the Godiag GT100 breakout box to perform a bench test for the ECU remove from the car (with can-bus error, airbag light on and niggling power problems, but no idea get any further). Turned out to be a corroded pin that was preventing the communication. Great outcome and saved a fortune. Fantastic bit of kit and you don’t need an expensive scanner to pair with it.


  1. Plugged the socket under the dash into Godiag GT100 and turned the ignition. Soon after, a few of the LEDs lit as we expected with varying levels of brightness. The brightness of the LED also requires interpretation, as a weakly lit LED lets us know how good or bad the particular part of the car is.


  1. Used Godiag GT100 on a Mercedes and the VVDI2 platform. If you know what you are doing it’s a great tool which shows the results in real time.



Godiag GT100 Breakout Box Using tips:

Please make sure you’re fully aware of the capabilities and use of GT100 as with little or no experience just as with other tools, equipment you can do thousands of dollars to a vehicle if not properly trained or knowledgeable with what you’re doing.