How to Set up FVDI 2019 Commander on Win10 64bit?

I bought myself a FVDI 2019 clone (they called SVCI 2019). I took it for key programming, changing the vin number, and so on.

Bought here:

I came in 5 days – I was surprised myself.

A lot of adapters, connectors (as I understand it for different brands of cars).

Svci 2019 Review 1

Case with the device

Svci 2019 Review 2

The SVCI adapter itself
Svci 2019 Review 3
Bottom view
Svci 2019 Review 4
Connectors for connecting USB to PC and for coil (for key encoding)
Svci 2019 Review 5
OBD2 connector

Everything seems to be done very well.

Svci 2019 Review 6
Two coils for programming keys

The 2019 svci Commander program works on Windows 7 or XP.

I put myself on Win 10 – the driver is installed, but does not connect to the Abrites unit.

But since I already demolished Windows 7 and installed all programs on Win 10×64, I had to install it on win10.

In the end it turned out. 
Everything turned out to be simple.

We start the installation and see in the first (almost in the first) window – where the brands of cars are selected, that the driver installation checkbox is not active, the type of drivers are installed automatically.

Svci 2019 Review 7
Do not uncheck drivers

In the next window, you can uncheck the box for the driver. We remove it.

Svci 2019 Review 8
We remove the drivers and click to continue the installation

After installing the software, we connect the cable and Windows 10 will install the necessary drivers by itself.

Everything works great with Windows drivers.

We connect – we see the first picture

Svci 2019 Review 9

Next, click on the icon (for example) Volkswagen

Svci 2019 Review 10
3 versions

Here are 3 different versions – for different versions of Abrites (by year). I have 2019 and everyone works. But at all somehow differently. Version 18.0 – shows in English. Version 24.0 is in Russian and seems to work fine. Version 37.0 – somehow it works every other time.

We need to figure it out further. What works and what doesn’t.

Click on any version and see the following – if everything was done correctly and the drivers were installed

Svci 2019 Review 11

Loading 1
Svci 2019 Review 12
Loading 2

Here we are already picking who needs where.

Then you can go to VVDI2 – for key programming

Svci 2019 Review 13

If everything is fine, then this picture will appear “CMD”

Svci 2019 Review 14
Command line with running arrows

This will open a window with settings

Svci 2019 Review 15
Programming window

And finally – my version of the svci 2019 adapter

Svci 2019 Review 16

The software is also updated – the lowest icon on the main page

Svci 2019 Review 17
Software update icon.