Kess V2 5.017 Ksuite 2.53 Test Reports Good and Bad

In increasing number of user already obtain Ksuite 2.53 to run with Kess v2 5.017 clone, and share their test reports, here would like to put these respective reviews together.

Kess 2.53 Feedback 01

Kess 2.53 Feedback 02

– Tested this morning 2.53 ok reading audi a3 ppd


– Tested on WIN7 32bit and it’s working fine. I’ve read with KESS, a MED17.5.5 by OBD.

I’ve read the flash of a Skoda Octavia 1.4TSI with CAXA engine via OBD protocol (KESS family 203).
This ecu doesn’t have TPROT and it’s possible to read by OBD.
Check the ID and screenshot below:
HW: 0261S05948
SW: 1037516943
VIN nr.: TMBBJ21Z9AC******
SW upg.: 03C906016AK 9059
Installation: MED17.5.5  canvag

Kess Med17.5.5 03


– Tested it works on Kuga 2.L TDCi 2015, read/write through OBDII no errors. ECU Delphi DCM6.1


– Tested on BMW E87 120d 2006. Worked fine.


– Just tried to read and write with KESS 5.017 thru OBD Renault Megane 2012 1.5dCi 81kw SID307, the Ksuite 2.47 and 2.53 throw CHECKSUM ERROR when reading (there ar no in ECU list, Just SID305). File read OK, but when You want upload to ECU, throws error at the beginning that file is bad. With K.Suite 2.23 there are in list SID305/SID307/SID309 and downloads and upload without problem. I hope I helped for someone.


Question: 2.53 stable to use? Or better stay on 2.23/2.47 ?

Reply: updated checksums verifications bugs ^^ Nothing new really Better to use for bugs fixed.

Kess 2.53 Feedback 04