Program A New ECM Module to Nissan Murano with Consult3

Background information:

A Nissan Murano Z51 3.5L CVT 2012Y  had an accident.  The lower part of the connectors of the original engine control unit moved by 7-8mm inside the board, half of the pins are broken off, one heating channel of the upper lambda does not work, although the field effect transistor is jerky. Got and most lambda, but it has already changed.

Bought a new ECM, there were no problems with snapping, software is different. The old module stands still, the new one lies on top:


Disclaimer: The tutorial was translated from Russian. Credit to Car-Buster. You are at your risk.


Marking the old ECM module: 23710-1AA4B
Marking the new ECM module:  23710-1TJ0A


Well visible recessed connectors:


Back of the control modules


During this procedure, all previously programmed keys are erased, so it is strongly recommended to register all keys at a time:


Device used:  original Consult-III diagnostic without the Immo card , and with the correct software:

If you using the clones, better go for Consult III Plus, Nissan Consult 3 Plus adds ECU programming function without working with immobiliser card since software version v65.12.


There are many step-by-step screenshots, so I’ll lay out the most basic.
After installing a new unit, the car naturally won’t start, there will be an active error due to mismatch of ID keys recorded in the ECM and Immo , in short, there is no sync P1611 ID DISCORD IMMU-ECM :


Yes, the ignition turns on, the starter turns but the car no start
Let’s go.
Turn off the ignition, turn on the emergency light, connect to the car, choose vehicle model Murano Z51 after 2010.v. and press the Select button :


Confirm the choice with the Confirm button , but now select Repair :

Click on the tablet (top left):

We drop down the list and select NATS :


Click Start :


In the menu that appears, click Pin Read and Next :


We get the PIN 14A06 , press END :


You also need the generic code Immo , in our case variant is 1211 :


After this, select STRG LCK RELES (KEY ID ERASE) , this procedure will erase the keys and pre-lock the steering column latch:


Enter the Immo code, 1211, and run the procedure:


Everything is carried out with the ignition off and with the emergency lights on. We hear how the steering column is unlocked, and the ignition is now turned on only when something (key) is inserted into the emergency key slot. And one more thing, the ACC mode disappears , this is normal, that is, immediately switch ignition OFF-ON and not like people OFF-ACC-ON :


The next step, turn on the ignition with any key, and in the NATS menu we already choose C/U Initialization :


Enter the immo code 1211, and go to the last screen, claiming that initialization is completed:

Turn off the ignition, take out the key (it has not yet been registered, but served only to start the procedure). Now we insert the first key into the slot, turn on the ignition, turn off the ignition, pull out the key, the immo indicator flashes 5 times. Repeat this procedure for keys 2-5.
In my case, only 2 keys. Turn off the ignition, check the operation of the radio channel from each key. Works. Now remove the first key away from the car, and leave the second inside, start the engine – with a half kick. For the second key is similar.
As a result, there is no error in heating one of the upper lambda, and in the current data adequate readings. Engine speeds develop adequately without kicks. New engine control module was replaced successfully.