Digiprog 3 Ford Odometer Correction: Works or Not?

Here, obdii365.com has collected almost Digiprog 3 Ford test/feedback on the web. Have listred Ford models that Digiprog 3 odometer correction tool support and doesn’t support.



Look here:

Digiprog 3 on Ford: success

Digiprog 3 on Ford: failed

Digiprog 3 Ford Vehicle List


(Note that here all DP3 refers to the china clone)


Digiprog 3 on Ford: success!


Ford Focus 2005: (Model 2004>) OBD OK


Ford Transit: Just done a merc 204 and 212 Diagnostic mileage and assyst


Ford Focus 2008 to 2011 Diag

Ford Fiesta 2008 up Diag

Ford Mondeo 2008 Diag

Ford Focus diag


Ford C-Max and S-Max: work OK via OBD

Ford Fiesta & Focus: works OK via MCU, not Dash Connector ?!?!


Ford smax: work fine and i think with Fords work fine


Ford focus: 2007 ok


2011 Ford focus: works like a dream obd2


Ford focus 2010: OK


Ford escape 2008: OBD ok


Ford fokus 2002,read old km—-not write new km


Ford ranger 68hc05: ok


Ford transit 93c76 eeprom: ok


Ford fusion hc 12 plug: ok


Ford mondeo 2008: obd ok


Ford focus hc11: ok with plug


Ford focus 2006: obd ok

Ford focus 2004-2010: obd ok


Ford s-max 2009: obd ok

Ford Fiesta 2012: OBD OK (fiesta 2005 obd not ok)


Ford fiesta 2008-2010 red screen: obd ok


Ford Fiesta HCS12: ST48 Work


Ford Mondeo 2008: Full Colour Fis 24C16 – – – OBD diag Read – 0km,Write – OK!


Ford mondeo 2010: visteon dash with 9s12 read ok write ok via 4 wires on pcb


Ford mondeo 2004: st51 read ok/write ok


Ford Bantam 2006: need nec programmer


Ford connect 2008: obd not! fvdi obd, read km but not change! dp3 ,conector 48, 9S12read and write km!



Digiprog 3 on Ford: failed!


2006 Ford fusion: obd not work


Ford connect 2002 with 912 with cable 48/2 cluster: dead mcu not readable even with etl !!!


Ford Fiesta 2002: via obd not work


Ford F150 2002 with HC11: N O N E S !!!! wasted time… Not working… After try connection show E R R O R !!!

F150 2002: i have do 2 weeks ago with digiprog 3 clone and works fine. have you make wrong job


Ford Escape 2007: no work obd2, cable 16

error unknown dashboard


Ford fokus 2002,read old km—-not write new km


Cable Ford focus not ok.

Check with scheme or compare with other programmer.


2006 Ford fusion: obd not work



Digiprog III Ford Car List:


Ford C-MAX ,S12


Ford FIESTA (-2009)

Ford FOCUS 2004- s12,s12x



Ford MONDEO 2008-,SMAX,GALAXY 2006-

Ford MUSTANG (7R33)

Ford Smax/Mondeo/Galaxy s


Ford Bantam

Ford Calaxy -2006

Ford Calaxy 2006-

Ford Cmax

Ford Connect

Ford Connect Programming Via Micro

Ford Cougar Cluster-Diagnosis

Ford Edge

Ford Escape 2007-

Ford Escape Hybrid HCS12

Ford Explorer

Ford Explorer 2003 Programming Via Micro

Ford Explorer Programming Via Micro

Ford F-Series

Ford F150 2004 Programming Via Micro

Ford F150 HC11 Programming Via Micro

Ford F150 HCS12

Ford F250

Ford F250 HC12 Programming Via Micro

Ford F350 Program Via Cluster

Ford F450

Ford Feista 2003

Ford Feista 9S12 2006 model Programming Via BDM

Ford Fiesta 2001-2008

Ford Fiesta 2008 hcs12

Ford Fiesta 2008-

Ford Fiesta 2009

Ford Fiesta Cluster-Diagnosis

Ford Fiesta KA

Ford Figo

Ford Focus 2003 Chp & Micro all models Programmin Via chip Or BDM Points

Ford Focus 2004-

Ford Focus 2008

Ford Focus Cluster-Diagnosis

Ford Focus/Cmax

Ford Freestar

Ford Fusion

Ford Fusion Progarmming Via Chip

Ford GT 24c08

Ford Galaxy 2000/2006 Diagnosis

Ford Galaxy Diagnosis

Ford Kuga

Ford Maverick 2007-

Ford Maverick HC11 Programming Via Micro

Ford Mondeo 2008-

Ford Mondeo Cluster-Diagnosis

Ford Mondeo/Galaxy/Smax

Ford Mustang

Ford Mustang

Ford Mustang 2007-

Ford Mustang 24C32

Ford Mustang Programming Via Micro

Ford Puma Cluster-Diagnosis

Ford Ranger 2007

Ford Ranger 24C16

Ford Ranger Programming Via Cluster


Ford Scorpio Cluster-Diagnosis

Ford Smax

Ford Tarus 2003/ Only in our office

Ford Territory

Ford Thunderbird 2005/ 2006 model Programming Via BDM

Ford Thunderbird HC11

Ford Transit

Ford Transit 2003

Ford Transit 2004 Programming Via Micro

Ford Transit Model 2003

Ford Transit TVI Chip 66 Progarmming Via Chip

Ford VAN F150

Ford Windstar HC11 Programming Via Micro

Ford s