Xprog-M read /write BMW EWS3 EWS4: Confirmed!

What is the best tool to work for BMW ews3 and ews4?

XPROG-M is the cheapest & best tool for read and write. For 100%


Here you go.


Part 1: Xprog r/w EWS4

Part 2: Xprog r/w EWS3


In detail…


Part 1: Xprog reads and writes EWS 4.4: success!


EWS 4 can be done with no problems.



BMW X3 E83 2006 with immo EWS 4.4, assembled on a Motorola MC9S12D64 microcontroller , with a 2L86D mask .

xprog-read-write-ews4-1 xprog-read-write-ews4-2 xprog-read-write-ews4-3 xprog-read-write-ews4-4 xprog-read-write-ews4-5 xprog-read-write-ews4-6

Important note:

Before reading EWS4 (4.3 & 4.4) you must check label on relay , if you see Made in JAPAN you don’t have problem for reading(R260 clone – R270Xprog HQ clone or original) but if you see Made in China you %50 have problem , if you try for reading eeprom %50 possible lost eeprom or mcu

if relay Made in china only via xprog HQ clone or original with +12v power external and lift extal pin.



Part 2: Xprog-m reads and writes EWS3: success!


EWS3 can read/write in circuit with xprog.
but you need lift pin TXD



Pin 9 is GND,
Pin 10 is 12V,
Pin 13 is K-Line



-EWS3 with 0D46J type HW03 SW08 can be read and written by K-Line.
-EWS3 with 0D46J, 2D47J type HW02/HW03 with SW01, SW02, SW03, SW04, SW05 could not be read and written by K-Line. Should be removed from the board and read in adopter.
2D47J If you read in adopter and read as 2D47j Secure.

xprog-m-read-write-ews3-1 xprog-m-read-write-ews3-2 xprog-m-read-write-ews3-3 xprog-m-read-write-ews3-4 xprog-m-read-write-ews3-5 xprog-m-read-write-ews3-6 xprog-m-read-write-ews3-7 xprog-m-read-write-ews3-8 xprog-m-read-write-ews3-9 xprog-m-read-write-ews3-10 xprog-m-read-write-ews3-11 xprog-m-read-write-ews3-12 xprog-m-read-write-ews3-13 xprog-m-read-write-ews3-14


Important note:

Desolder it ,and read with a ETL programming tool– is the best and safer way
through k-line is lottery


To be sure lift both pins,but why not than read on board

because usually has like a red glue all over the board that its not very easy to burn with hot air. This glue is also under the mcu…