How to Install, Update and Use Diatronik SRS+DASH+Calc+EPS OBD Tool

Here are the Diatronik SRS+DASH+Calculation+EPS OBD Tool USB Dongle user guide, including:

1. Install Software.
2. Settings.
3. Update
4. Calc Tool.
5. Work for OBD Module
6. Work with SRS Toyota-Subaru

1.  Install Diatronik Software
Operating system: Windows 7/Windows 10 above
After receiving the security key, you turn to your software supplier and he sends you an archive with the program files and license.
Unpack the archive to any convenient folder on your computer, insert the security key into the USB and you can run the program.

Driver for OBD adapter can be downloaded here

Included with the program is a program ELS27Baudrate.exe With her you can check and configure OBD2 adapter supplied,
please note that the speed of the adapter in this program, you need to set 2mb/s (2 000 000 ).

2.  Settings

In the settings menu, select the COM PORT on our adapter, and close the window, when the window is closed, the program will create a ini file with the settings
and remember the port number. Button Select Prog Exe provides the flexibility of running third-party program programmer, to work with dumps.


3.  Update Diatronik software

Update the program online in the menu ‘ONLINE‘.

The program checks for updates, and when available offers download.

Updates are stored in the root directory of the program in the Update folder, if this folder you do not, the program will create it automatically.

Updates come out about 1 every 1-2 weeks


4.  CalcTool

Menu CalcTool you can work with dumps ECU SRS and ODO.


5.  Work OBD Module.

If the module you are seeing this message, it means that the module is still being tested and will soon be available.

All modules have built-in assistance for connecting and working with the module for the call, click the INFO button


6.  Work SRS Toyota-Subaru SRS.
Work with blocks SRS TOYOTA – SUBARU is made in two stages, work mode and Boot Mode.

Work Mode.
In the work mode read and erase main flash memory and save it.
Reading is possible both on the table and in the car.


Boot Mode.
In Boot Mode it is writing to flash and erasing EEPROM, the data about the accident.
For unit transfer in boot mode, you must erase the flash in operating mode, connect RESET PIN of MCU with +5 volts through a resistor of 4,7-10kOm
After writing flash, the resistor must be removed.