OP-COM Guide: How to use Opcom to do Key Programming

This is an OP-COM immobilizer ii programming guide, which help read security code, program new/old keys to Opel…


!!! To program Opel keys with Opcom clone, you need LUCK!!!


What is Opcom?

Opcom is a PC-based diagnostic tool for Opel. Now there are 4 versions of Opcom in the market, incl.

Opcom firmware 1.70

Opcom firmware 1.65

Opcom firmware 1.59 with item no. sp105

Opcom firmware 1.59 with item no. sp105-b

Opcom firmware 1.45

For differences of Opcom fw v1.70 v1.65 v1.59, please go to http://blog.obdii365.com/2017/04/25/opcom-firmware-1-70-vs-1-65-vs-opcom-159-vs-145/


What is immobilizer ii programming?

From 1995 and onwards, Opel/Vauxhall vehicles are factory installed with an immobiliser.

The Immobiliser-I system can be found in Astra-F, Corsa-B, Omega-B, Vectra-B.

The Immobiliser-II system can be found in Astra-G, Corsa-C, Omega-B, Vectra-B, Zafira,



This opcom guide covers the Immobiliser-II system.


With OP-COM you can perform various immobiliser related operation.


OPCOM how to:

– Erase all transponder keys

– Learn transponder keys to immobiliser

– Reset engine ECU

– Reset immobiliser ECU

– Replace immobiliser

– Replace engince ECU

– Program immobiliser output

– Program security code

– Program mechanical key number (MKN)

– Program vehicle identification number (VIN)


Please note, that any immobiliser-related operation requires a security code.

The security code can be found in the Car Pass.


You should get the Car Pass from the dealer, or the previous owner, along with all the vehicle

papers (owners manual, service book, etc.) It contains the VIN, security code, the engine

type, radio code, etc.


Also, you can read security codes yourself.

Opcom v1.39 can read security codes and program keys in one device. But, unluckily, it stops production.

Opcom v1.59 can program keys also, but you need use Carprog v8.21 or CarProg 10.05 to read pin /security codes from engine ECU.



The security code has four digits, and it only contain numbers, from 0 to 9.

If you do not have the Car Pass, you should visit the dealer, where you can request a new Car

Pass. First, they will verify your papers, and if everything is all right, you’ll get a new Car

Pass. It costs you some money, but at least you will get the security code.

In this demonstration, we use a MY 2001 Astra-G, Engine Z 16 XE.

First, you can easily check that the vehicle is immobiliser equipped. Please look in the engine

ECU measuring blocks, where you’ll find the answer.

opcom-key-programming (1)

As you can see, Immobiliser Function Programmed = Yes .


When you open up the Immobiliser, you can see the following:

opcom-key-programming (2)

You can easily verify the correct operation, or the state of the Immobiliser, please click on the

[Measuring Blocks] button.


For the immobiliser system, you can program up to five keys.

On this example, you can see, that only one key is programmed.

opcom-key-programming (3)

The immobiliser and the Engine ECU is connected together via a W-Line.

(W comes from a german word, WegfahrSperre=Immobiliser)

opcom-key-programming (4)

The security wait time is also important, because when a wrong security code has been

entered, the system will lock up itself, for some time. In that case, you have to wait, and try

again only, if the Security Wait Time is inactive here. Possible values can be anything from

10 seconds, to 21 hours! If you somehow managed to create a long Security wait time, please

connect a battery charger to the car, and leave the ignition on.


Possible Security Wait Times intervals: (hh:mm:ss)

00:00:10, 00:10:00, 00:20:00, 00:40:00

01:20:00, 02:40:00, 05:20:00, 10:40:00


(Yes! 21 hours, 20 minutes can be the longest one here 🙁 )


Under the [Special Functions], you can

– Read ECU Identification

– Reset Immobiliser

– Reset Engine ECU

– Erase Transponder Keys (all)


The Read ECU Identification button is not grayed out. This function does not require any

security code, and you can read out the vehicle VIN, and the MKN for identification

purposes. You’ll need the VIN, and the MKN, when you order new keys to the car.

opcom-key-programming (5)

First, you have to enter the Security code, to enable the buttons.

opcom-key-programming (6)

When a correct security code has been entered, all the options will be available.

opcom-key-programming (7)

When a wrong security code has been entered, the program notifies you, and all the relevant

options will be grayed out.

opcom-key-programming (8)


So, lets see each function in details:

[Op com Reset Immobiliser]

This function will set back the immobiliser ECU to its factory default state. Prior to replace,

you have to reset the immobiliser back to its factory default state. In this way, you can install

it into another car. This will also erase all transponder keys. Please note, that after using this

function, you won’t be able to start the engine.

opcom-key-programming (9)

After the reset is done, you can verify in the measuring blocks, that all key entries erased


opcom-key-programming (10)


In a factory default state, the immobiliser ECU will accept ANY secret code.


[Opcom Reset Engine Control Module]

This function will set back the Engine Control Module to its factory default state. Prior to

replace, you have to reset it back to its factory default state. In this way, you can install it into

another car. You can verify the state of the engine ECU immobiliser in the measuring blocks

information. Please note, that after using this function, you may won’t be able to start the

engine. Each factory default state Engine ECU has some limited running time, without

immobiliser (max 10 attempts to be exact). After that number, the Engine ECU will lock

itself, and no more start is allowed without a fully functioning immobiliser. On Corsa-C,

Meriva, and Tigra-B the BCU, and the instrument cluster is also an Immobiliser related

component. OP-COM is going to support resetting, and programming these ECU’s in one of

the next release.

opcom-key-programming (11)


Before you swap, or replace any immobiliser related component

(Engine ECU, Immobiliser ECU), you have to Reset them first.


The arming of the immobiliser has some delay (usually 5-10 min), so within five or ten

minutes, you may be able to start the car. But after this delay expires, you wont be able to

start the engine at all, as the immobiliser will lock the vehicle. An indicator light (SVS, or

MIL) will be flashing on the dash, showing an immobiliser related problem.

opcom-key-programming (12)


When you intended to buy used engine or Immobiliser ECU, make sure that either

– you will get a valid security key, or Car Pass with the used unit, or

– the used parts were correctly set back (resetted)


[Op-com Erase Transponder Keys]

With this function, you can erase all transponder keys. The function is useful, for example

when your costumer purchases a used car, with three programmed keys, but he/she only has

one, or two in his/her hands. In that case, you can Erase all transponder keys, and only

reprogram those keys, which your costumer has.

opcom-key-programming (13)


This will not erase the programmed remote controls for the car. Erasing programmed remote

controls can be done in Alarm, or Central Door Locking, depending on which equipment is

built into the car.


Under the [Programming] menu, you can

– Program Immobiliser Function

– Program Immobiliser Output

– Program Transponder-Keys (New, and Old)

– Program Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

– Program Mechanical Key Number (MKN)

After you successfully entered a valid security code, all the available options will be active.

opcom-key-programming (14)


A new transponder key can only be programmed once to an immobiliser ECU. At the first

programming attempt, the immobiliser writes its own data (Secret Code, VIN, etc) into the

transponder, and then the transponder will be locked to that specific immobiliser. Although,

any programmed keys, can be erased, and reprogrammed to the same car without any

problem, a programmed transponder cannot be reprogrammed to another car, or to another

immobiliser ECU. The immobiliser is fully functional, when all the components have the

same VIN, and Secret Code.


An already programmed Immobiliser-II type transponder key can be programmed to a

different Immobiliser-I type Immobiliser ECU, without any problem.


Let’s see each function in details:

[Opcom Program Immobiliser]

When you replace an immobiliser, or an engine ECU, or both, you can use this function to

program the replaced component(s). When you click on the button, you will see, that it has

three choices:

– Immobiliser installed (replaced)

– Engine Controller installed (replaced)

– Both Immobiliser and Engine Controller installed (replaced)

opcom-key-programming (15)

Please choose accordingly what you did replaced, then please press the [OK] button.


When you replaced the Immobiliser, you should see something like this:

opcom-key-programming (16)

When you replaced the Engine Control Unit, you should something like this:

opcom-key-programming (17)

When you replace both Engine and Immobiliser ECU, both programming routine will be

executed after each other. First, the Immobilser ECU will be programmed with the Secret

Code, VIN, and MKN, then a new Engine ECU will be adapted to the system.


After you successfully finished the Immobiliser programming function, you have to program

at least one key to the immobiliser system.


[OP-COM Program Immobiliser Output]

When the car is equipped with an Anti Theft Warning System (Alarm), you should program

the immobiliser output accordingly.

opcom-key-programming (18)

[OPCOM Program Transponder Key – NEW]

With this function, you can program NEW, not previously programmed key(s) to the

immobiliser system. Only one key can be programmed at once. After each key, please cycle

the ignition. If you want to program two, or three keys, please repeat the procedure.

[OP CPM Program Transponder Key – OLD]

With this function, you can program OLD, previously already programmed key(s) to the

immobiliser system. Only one keys can be programmed at once. After each key, please cycle

the ignition. If you want to program two, or three keys, please repeat the procedure.

opcom-key-programming (19)

If the program gives you the following message:

Programming Failed!


then please check the measuring blocks for more information about your transponder-key.

The reasons could be as simple as

– wrong transponder type

– key contains no transponder at all (dropped out from key, etc.)

– transponder already programmed to other car

– Wrong transponder-key programming routine selected (trying to program a

previously programmed transponder as a new one)


Next, you will see some example pictures, I hope these can helps you to identify

the problem more easily. When the immobiliser system working perfectly, the Transponder

status must be Correct TP-Key.


Transponder identification OK, system working properly:

opcom-key-programming (20)

Key does not contains valid transponder:

opcom-key-programming (21)

Key contains a transponder (new, or previously programmed):

opcom-key-programming (22)


[OP-COM Program Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)]

With the help of this function, you can program the VIN of your car into the immobiliser


opcom-key-programming (23)


[OPCOM Program Mechanical Key Number (MKN)]

With the help of this function, you can program the MKN of your car into the immobiliser

ECU. This information is helpful, when you want to order some spare keys to your car, and

you can only order fine, mechanically working keys to your car, if you know the Mechanical

Key Number.

opcom-key-programming (24)


In this guide, we wanted to summarize you what OP-COM can do with the immobiliser.


The most Important note:

Please, First always read the factory repair manual of your car!


There are some steps, which require great attention from the user. Please, take your time, do

not rush, and think it over at least twice, which functions do you chooses.


Do not click automatically on OK, if you don’t know what’s going to happen.

opcom-key-programming (25)

You cannot do any harm accidentally, because every important step has its own safety warning



I hope you will find something helpful in this opcom manual. You need luck with key programming by Opcom china clone: http://www.obdii365.com/producttags/opcom.html Anyway, a HQ opcom is a must! Good luck!