Free Download OPCOM fw1.64 with vaux-com 120309a

OPCOM firmware V1.64 is available on the aftermarket. Free download vaux-com 120309a software for opcom v1.64 here to update your device for more Opel/Vauxhall vehicles (1999-2015).


Free download

OPCOM fw:v1.64 (unknown security)

OP-COM fw: v1.59 (safe)

OP-COM fw: v1.45 (safe)


Software above can be tried on Windows XP, Windows 7/8, Vista… But we are not responsible for any damage! Anything just for sharing!


Can op-com fw:v1.64 work with vaux-com 120309a??

Probably yes! Read the customer review below:


— If you have the 1.64 firmware gets this with the right chip you can use it with the English version v Vauxhall 120309a Vehicle Opel t / m in 2014
still use the correct drivers USB for opcom that this is recognized in Control Panel / Device Manager then in settings of Vauxhall software you get this message pictured confirm this than a B revision then you can choose vehicle or automatically recognize