Launch X431 PAD II 2 What Works- Review from An Expert

It’s definitely worth to read this review on Launch X431 Pad II from Jeff Frazier, Mac Tools distributor and Tom “The Programmer” Huynh of San Jose, Calif.

Jeff Frazier began selling scan tools in 1989. To stay up-to-date, he helps facilitate corporate scan tool training sessions for technicians in his electronics and diagnostics network, not just on his route.

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Frazier likes that pad ii is compact and efficient. For Frazier’s purposes, the Pad II comes packaged with all necessary connectors.

To setup the tool, Frazier used the quick-start guide and spent time exploring. He says, “I found it to be easy to use once I became familiar with the Android operating system.” Frazier also says that the Android navigation offers a smooth learning curve.

According to Frazier, if the technicians using the tool spend time in a “low-pressure setting getting to know the many capabilities of the x431 pad 2, they won’t regret the time invested.” He adds, “It will save them valuable time when under pressure to perform later.”

Frazier likes that the scan tool “boots up smoothly and quickly, and navigation is a breeze.” He says that smooth diagnostic workflow is important –getting from “point A to point B without interruptions.”

As a tool distributor, Frazier has watched scan tools evolve from the early 80s. He says, “The most beneficial capability is the ability to level the playing field by providing diagnostics that you can get paid for by capturing results with ‘Launch Screenshot.’ This enables you to date stamp and save the actual test results electronically (i.e. read codes, cleared codes, controller ID, recorded data from test drive, etc.). You did the work, now you can get paid for it,” he says.

Frazier also likes that the Launch x431 pad 2 tablet offers technicians the capability of working remotely with customers via GOLO. He says, “I expect that as shops come on board they will experience more customer loyalty and profits using this system. The telematics is targeted at the many customers who use Android and iOS smartphones to stay in communication with their shop. You can also text and speak to your customer through the Pad II GOLO interface.”

Frazier has used five previous models of the Pad II, he says, beginning with the X431 standard. “The number of functional tests throughout the years has grown exponentially with each model. He likes the Android platform that the Pad II offers for users of ‘all levels.’

There is nothing that Frazier would improve on the Pad II, but he says, “(Launch is) usually receptive when I email in suggestions from customers.”

Launch X-431 Tech offers a feedback feature that allows the customer to submit issues or suggestions directly to engineering, right from the tool.

Because of this, Frazier gives the Launch X431 Pad II an eight out of 10. “The Launch products continually improve and they keep raising the bar.” He adds, “The Pad 2 goes deeper than most.”


Special thanks to Jeff Frazier.