Launch X431 PADII 2 all details via photos

Here, you can get the most detailed and realistic information of Launch x431 pad II OBD diagnostic scanner via photos.


First, Launch x431 pad 2 hardware update is the biggest highlight, compared with x431 pad:

improved aspects: CPU, RAM/ROM, Display, Ethernet, Camera, Battery, Battery life, Boot time

X431 PADII vs. X431 PAD I


Second, the new OS – Android in x431 pad 2 should be mentioned!

launch-x431-pad-ii-obd365-2 launch-x431-pad-ii-obd365-3


Third, Launch x431 pad ii offers full diagnosis for more than 40 vehicle makes.

•Complete diagnostics of all systems; that is to read system information


•VIN number search function (vehicle identification number) for more precise system determination in the car


•Reading and clearing error codes (DTC)

launch-x431-pad-ii-obd365-19 launch-x431-pad-ii-obd365-20 launch-x431-pad-ii-obd365-21

•Diagnostic troble code searching and translating in the Internet

•View current data


•Displays data as graphs

launch-x431-pad-ii-obd365-24 launch-x431-pad-ii-obd365-25 launch-x431-pad-ii-obd365-7launch-x431-pad-ii-obd365-8launch-x431-pad-ii-obd365-9 
•Easy to update and prompt receipt of update information

launch-x431-pad-ii-obd365-12 launch-x431-pad-ii-obd365-13

  • Activation of components
  • Adaptation, coding, etc.
  • Service remainder reset
  • Special functions
  • Support of database and telediagnosis Golo, for example with Golo Carcare, online support
  • Data base and help services online support
  • Other functions

launch-x431-pad-ii-obd365-5 launch-x431-pad-ii-obd365-6 launch-x431-pad-ii-obd365-10

Case 1: Launch x-431 pad 2 on AUDI

launch-x431-pad-ii-obd365-14 launch-x431-pad-ii-obd365-15

Case 2: Launch x-431 pad ii on BMW

launch-x431-pad-ii-obd365-16 launch-x431-pad-ii-obd365-17

Launch x431 pad 2 diagnostic scan tool package list:

Tablet X431 PAD II in industrial housing
Docking station
Envelope with password
Diagnostic connector DBScar
Extension cable OBD II
Cable for the cigarette lighter
Power adapter
USB data cable
HDMI cable
Adapter set for older cars




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