Read Opel EDC17 TC1767, K-TAG or FgTech Galletto?

I want to read Opel ECU EDC17 ACDelco TC1767. Which ECU programming tool should I go for, K-TAG Ksuite master or FgTech Galletto v54 master? I know both of them can read ECU in Tircore.

This is a TC 1767 3 point and boot:
Opel EDC17 Tricore
Unfortunately I was told neither KTAG ecu programmer nor Fgtech v54 will do it. But should read with Fgtech galletto 2 Master version.

The galletto 2 connection wiring pinout can be loaded here:
Opel EDC17 FGtech Gallettol
Opel EDC17 FGtech Gallettol

Just put ecu in boot and read as any other 1767
Pins 3 and 10 of tricore to GND (via 1k resistor)
Pin 4 to +3.3V (1k resistor)
If this don’t work put also pin 32 to GND.

100% working if you using Fgtech galletto 2 master version.  Galletto V54 is still under testing.