How to turn off BMW E90 seat occupancy sensor?

Question before entering:

I need to turn off the seat occupancy sensor on BMW E90 2007. Is it possible to be done via WIFI BMW ICOM A2 clone ISTA-D?

Yes, seat occupancy sensor can be disabled, but do not need a ICOM A2, it is possible with occupancy emulator.

This is the E90 seat airbag:
BMW E90 Seat airbag
And there is the picture:
E90 Seat Airbag

Buy a cheap BMW Seat Occupancy Sensor Emulator for All BMW Series (1997-2010)
The package including 2 pieces emulator, one for new BMW and the other for the old.

Yellow-data bus
Seat Occupancy Sensor emulator
They are the same as the old emulator (see picture), the old is currently out of production.
BMW Seat Occupancy Sensor emulator
Support for all BMW series (1997-2010)
Support models:
1997-2003: E31, E36, E38, E39, E46, E53, etc.
2003-2007: E60, E63, E65,E87, E90, etc.
2007-2010: E60, E63, E64, E65, E70, E71, E81, E87, E90, E92, E93, etc.

Occupancy Sensor Type:
BMW Seat Occupancy Sensor emulator
If you had the problem with seat belt switch after installing the emulator bright light on the instrument panel-indicates that the passenger is not bound.

Run NCS-Expert software, change active>nichtactive in MRS and disconnect 3 pin OC3 plug. Delete DTS’s and enjoy.

The problem can be solved with AVDI/FVDI as well. Go to Coding, Read module go to Occupant OC3 and select disable then write module, exit, go to fault codes, erase and now system ignores OCS and warning light turns off but always deploys bags with or without presence, its not recommended if child seat is used but is a quick effective solution to weight pad failure.