How to trade old VVDI for new VVDI2?

Old Xhorse VVDI VAG Vehicle Diagnostic Interface can be traded to 2015 new VVDI2 for VW/Audi/BMW/Porsche in order to update BMW OBD, BMW CAS4+, Porsche etc capacities.

How to trade VVDI for VVDI 2?

Update VVDI to VVDI2 will add BMW Multi Tool, BMW OBD function, BMW CAS4+ etc features.

If you bought VVDI from us, you can return full set of VVDI back to exchange the VVDI2.
Trade VVDI to VVDI2 unit is 519USD without shipping cost (Item No.SV86-1).

If you did not send full VVDI package, you need to pay extra accessory cost.
VVDI update to VVDI2
Original Xhorse VVDI2 full package contains VVDI function, BMW Multi Tool, BMW OBD function, BMW CAS4+, AUDI Immo 5th functions.

If you did you need VVDI2 full version, please pay corresponding cost if you need specific authorization.
If you need to open following functions/authorizations, please pay corresponding price:

Open AUDI IMMO 5th: 320 USD (SV86-2)
Open BMW OBD function: 720 USD (SV86-3)
Open BMW CAS4+ function: 260USD (SV86-4)

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