How to activate BMW comfort window closing with NCS expert

Here is a little walk though on activating BMW E-series comfort window closing/opening feature using INPA K+DCAN cable with NCS Expert coding software.

Tools needed:
A cheap INPA K+DCAN USB interface INPA driver antivirus software or set your browser to download success)
NCS-expert coding software (NCS Expert 3.1.0 can be downloaded free here)!egM3ybAI!TQLIBcTh-m3l1cn3qTsYPebU179444im3sIzHnqu12k
activate BMW comfort window closing with NCS expert activate BMW comfort window closing with NCS expert
O/S: Win XP is preferred

You need to do some setting to make NCS expert software work on BMW INPA cable. You are on your own risk.

BMW Comfort Closing/Opening via Remote Control Activation:

1. Connect the BMW INPA K+DCAN cable with computer via USB port
2. Install INPA software driver first
3. Then install NCS Expert Ver 3.1.0 software
4. Start by creating a blank “FSW_PSW.MAN” in the WORK folder.
5. Open NCS Expert
6. Select the appropriate profile
7. Click on VIN/ZCS/FA, select your chassis, and then select the appropriate ECU (I think EWS in the E39s case)
8. Click back
9. Click on “process ECU” and select the GM3.
10. Click the button to read the ECU data.
11. Go back to the work folder, and there should be an FSW_PSW.TRC file that has data only from the GM3. In there will be a line that says “KOMFORTSCHLIESSUNG_FB”. Under that it’ll say “nicht_aktiv”. Change that to “aktiv”
12. Click file>save as> and then where it says file type, change it to “all”
13. Save the file as “FSW_PSW.MAN” and say yes when it asks you to overwrite.
14. Now back to NCS Expert, change the job type to “SG_CODIEREN”
15. Press “Execute job”.
16. You should now have comfort window closing via remote.