Which version of DAS/Xentry support offline/online programming

In the past days, some users feedback DAS/Xentry V2015.05 fail to do programming since it does not come with offline programming software.

1. DAS/Xentry 2012.11: support offline programming
Therefore, obdii365.com release one bundle sale DAS/Xentry 2012.11 which comes with DAS/Xentry
Offline programming software and database, which is available at:

This bundle sale features in:
1. This package offer comes with DELL D630 Laptop which is 4GB memory and the software is preinstalled, note: if you want use WIFI, you need set up by yourself.
2. This package offer helps you save more money.
3. Software Version: 2012.11 Hardware Version: OS:2.3 CSD:2.8
4. V2012.11 old software support offline programming.
5. Software Supported Multi-Language:
Bulgarian/Danish/Greek/Spanish/French/Italian/Korean/Polish/Romanuan/Serbo-Croatian/ Turkish/Czech/German/English/Finish/Hyngarian/Japanese/Dutch/Portuguese/Russian/Swedish/Chinese

2. DAS/Xentry 2015.05: online programming
If you want to do online programming, you need DAS/Xentry V2015.05 or the latest version.  V2012.11 only supports offline programming.

3. Online programming and offline programming
If you want to do both online and offline programming, you are advised to have both DAS/Xentry v2012.11 and DAS/Xentry v2015.05 or the latest one.