How to connect the wires with MB SD C4 mux

One of BENZ W124 1995 owner has just bought the MB SD C4 and Dell D630 laptop package from He want to connect the Star diagnostic SD Connect C4 with this -95 W124, but do not know how to connect wires to the multiplexer. Our engineers help him solved this problem.


Customer questions:

“Hello,I’ve got a -95 W124 and would like to connect my MB SD Connect c4 to it. But I do not know how to connect the wires from the SDconnect c4 mux?

The Black plug is of course ground, which will go in pos 1 on the Data Link
The White plug is marked KL15 which I understand is going to pos 16..?
The red plug is marked 12V B+, don’t know where this goes.
The blue plug is marked K-Line/LIN, don’t know where this goes.
There is to groups of plugs with two plugs in each. One Green and one yellow. One group is marked CAN HS and one is marked CAN LS. The green plug in each group is marked CAN_L and the yellow is marked CAN_H. ”


Engineers Solution:
We has another MB SD C4 customer who have tried it successfully as follows:
Connect Red to +12v battery directly, White to pin 16, Black to pin 1, and Yellow to pin 8 (some motors like M111 series) to get HFM error and live data, Pin 7 for HVAC, Pin 6 for airbag etc.


The Result:
After trial and error a gazillion times, this is what we ended up with, and the software actually responds!!

So it seems the BLUE jack, marked K-Line, is the one you’ll have to move from pin to pin according to the software’s instructions. Mission accomplished

If you had the same problem , please can try this way to sort out, hope it also help you.