How to use Super MB Star C3 free Online SCN coding service

Benz Super MB Star C3 diagnostic system V2015.05 software Platinum Edition with optional D630/X61T/CF30/External Format software HDD comes with free ONE TIME online SCN coding. The parcel comes with USB Dongle, software no need activation.

How to use one time free Online SCN coding service of the STAR diagnosis 2015.05V software?

1) Browse to Super MB Star official website
2) Login with your Serial Number and Password

Make sure all software must work under IE8+ Brower.
Super MB Star C3 free Online SCN coding
3) Take a photo screenshot when enter into next program.  Provide us your screenshot, TeamViewer ID and password.
4) Make sure the SCN coding must be selected as “Online SCN Coding”

Super MB Star C3 free Online SCN coding
5) Then the software will pop up another login interface, stay on the interface
6) Our factory will setup the TeamViwer and enter the  Benz account & password to login
7) You are authorized to download the database from Benz server.

We only provide the Online SCN Coding MB account and password, but not the operation/service.

If the one time free online SCN CODING is used up, you can buy it again (70USD/times).