Xhorse Multi Tool work with BMW CAS3/CAS3+ all keys lost

Obdii365.com collected some feeback from experienced locksmith about BMW multi tool, about what BMW multi tool can do. So the following words are real, not created by any member of obd365 website.
MW Multi Tool by XHORSE
1. BMW multi tool can add spare key
I can add spare keys with BMW Multi tool, works great, no problems.

2. BMW multi tool does all keys lost
Tried all lost with BMW multi tool a few times, no problem. But still I heard a lot of scary story about BMW multi tool wiped out the data, the problem these guys have is there’s no backup if goes wrong.

3. BMW Multi tool work with CAS3/CAS3+
BMW Multi Tool work great with CAS3/CAS3+ for spare and all keys lost. I did a lot off.

4. Work with CAS3+: BMW multi tool VS original VVDI
One veteran from digital-kaos forum said: Original AVDI doesn’t work for CAS3+ spare key ‘as claimed’. I’ll check out that BMW multi tool. AVDI for me never worked with CAS3+ with keys. Strange as goes to trouble of downgrading fine. Wonder if can do rest via eeprom – or that’s what its basically asking in 1st place. Or then again, just use BMW multi tool by sounds of it.

5. One locksmith doubt and questioned: Anyone want to share any problems with multi-tool ?? any cases afterwards of damaging vehicle ?? I’m sure i’ve read some here but people don’t comment after event.
And the replies he got are all about good comment as follows:
– I have multi tool and it work good.. Not perfect but very good…
– For me all working 100%. No problems at all.
– I ve got multi tool and so far so good, but i ve never tested cas3+ all lost keys situation….

BMW Multi Tool V7.5 Software Free Download(Close antivirus software or set your browser to download success)

BMW Multi Tool V7.6 Software Free Download