BMW AutoHex II diagnostic scanner new update adds F-series

The most powerful original AutoHex II scan tool for BMW welcomes a new upgrade which adds F-series diagnosis and programming (update release 18/05/2015). AutoHex BMW diagnostic interface supports lifelong update online.

A Major update for BMW software in 0.00.039 version:

– F series Coding and Flashing.
– A new method of calculation for matching the unmatched ECUs in E and F series.
– BMW F series models 2015 ECUs have been added for diagnose.
– More ISN for E series can be read in this version.
– ISTA-D ISTA-P driver has been optimized to be faster.


1- A large data for download is required. PC/Laptop must have 2 GB free space.
2- Users must uninstall old version of AutoHex 2 and download a new setup program from website.

How to update the BMW AutoHex II diagnostic scanner?

Please browse to AutoHex official website and download here:

BMW Autohex II