Free Vediamo V5.00.05 setup, patch, database and user manual

The latest Benz Vediamo V5.00.05 is used by the plant engineers to develop diagnosis and engineering software, which is now used by Xentry and DAS based on the mb  super engineering version developed and delivered to the general customer service dealers’ use.
Vediamo V5.00.05 Vediamo V5.00.05

Supported languages: English/ German

Free download link:

1) Download resource:

V5.00.05 Vediamo Setup exe.!FBBEgTzI!jl60d4yet4dpg2nAkOJUzZBNwyXgVgBYDpT4Pi0z6tM

V5.00.05 Vediamo Patch!nxYXkQAQ!LIIdX2R-1ZVVZFaZN3jVY3VWRDegAXM3eWnGL2A5nVU

2) Free Vediamo database

Database Vediamo CBF Files!tYRGFZbT!-s9mkju3-JreHviDI5HAlb_szDpbHAiFmRv5sw7nroE

3) Free User manual

User Manual and Information Vediamo!UUJVRB5Z!BNt7qo8cmLrxcl2ayxeso_TvDk1uB_14dALasmkY8KU

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vediamo v5.00.05 user manual
How to activate the Vediamo V5.00.05 software?

We are no responsible for the quality (language mixed problem) nor provided the activation service for the free software.  If you need activation, please contact the mnhauto admin. User manual is free to use.

If you need standard Vediamo software, please order here, we will provide first time free activation:
1. Download setup and install
2. Download “Patch” and replace all files in: “C:\Program Files\Vediamo\BIN”
3. Run Vediamo from Desktop shortcut and provide your Hardware ID to our customer service, obd365 engineer will activate the software one time for free. (USD5 later per/time)
vediamo v5.00.05
Vediamo V5.00.05 can only worked on  MB SD Connect Compact 4 star diagnostic system hardware V2.2 or above, cannot work on other MB star multiplexers.

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