Free Download Carprog Full 10.05 and Installation on Windows 7

carprog connection 1

Free download Carprog 10.05 software crack (software fits firmware carprog v9.31 Item #SE53):!Ld5lnbZQ!c_i7rpz1yib95Z2C7qZ6picJPnpvfUz8dChm2OdxS0c   Carprog 10.05 full clone tested 100% working (the same firmware as carprog v9.31):   How to install Carprog 10.05 software on Windows 7: Open… Continue Reading

What’s New in R290 CAS4 BDM Programmer for BMW/Porsche


R290 CAS4 BDM programmer-the updater version of R270 and R280, supports the latest BMW Porsche Motorola MC9S12XEP100 chip (5M48H/1N35H), support the new BMW CAS4+; Porsche modify frame number. decryption security,automotive computer repair, data recovery, data adjustment and other professional electronic… Continue Reading