Where to buy best quality wiTech Micropod 2 clone SP271-C1?


This is for those who are looking for a decent wiTech Micropod 2 China clone. Look here:  http://www.obdii365.com/wholesale/witech-micropod-2-diagnosis-programming-for-chrysler.html   It’s the best quality of Micropod 2 clone SP271-C1, quality as good as VCM2 clone SP177-C1. BUT, WHY IT IS THE… Continue Reading

How to solve wiTech Micropod 2 Clone Registration Error


Here’s the working solution to wiTech Micropod 2 clone Chrysler diagnostic tool registration problem. Error: “Registration is needed Device with serial number*** is not registered. Please check the knowledge base to determine how to register a device” Obdii365.com engineer solution: Right click wiTech… Continue Reading

Free Download BMW ENET E-sys 3.32.1 for F-series Coding


Big thanks to shawnsheridan   E-Sys_Setup-3.32.1-52333_32bit.exe: https://mega.nz/#!89oXUA6T!HSiYUO5MkxNz7yKbiUvAX9jpxpEGm2WT4iwsKI7dOC4   E-Sys_Setup-3.32.1-52333_64bit.exe: https://mega.nz/#!5sI0xSCJ!RNXVUEpbvUbEw75EitsW3TdGv_u4N92LxsS7ViJsGd8   BMW E-sys 3.32.1 Released Notes:   Current version: PSdZ: 5.06.01 ProDiaS: 3.4.0 Jobs: 005_009_002 Template: PT01_template.003_000_228 EST_CM:1.5.0 KIS_AL:5.9.0   System requirement: Processor: Intel Pentium 4 with minimum 1GHz clock… Continue Reading

Foxwell NT644 vs. NT630 vs. NT644 Pro vs. GT80 Plus vs. GT80 Mini


Major Foxwell multi-function diagnostic scanners comparison: Item Foxwell NT624 Foxwell NT630 Lite Foxwell NT644 Pro GT80 Plus GT80 Mini Image Vehicle coverage   American Coverage: Chrysler Ford, GM, Brazilian GM Asian Coverage: Au Ford, Acura, Daewoo, Honda, Holden, Hyundai, lnfiniti,… Continue Reading