How to Program Chevy Captiva 2022 2023 Smart Key without PIN Code?

Here is the user working experience on Chevrolet Captiva ID47 smart key programming.


It is a Captiva MY 2023 with ID47 smart key from South America.

First generate key using Xhorse universal smart key.

Under Chinese brand BAOJUN.

Use RS5/RM-5/RC-6 (New) Captiva 2023 ID47 option.

Program Chvey Captiva 2023 Smart Key 2Program Chvey Captiva 2023 Smart Key 3

According to other users, key tool max pro or the mini obd tool also program the key via OBD without pin code. Xhorse also programs baojun 530 free password, and the tornado named baojun 310 free password.


The user here got key programmed by xtool x100 pad2, it does not ask for the code.

Some others tried with Autel IM508, it didn’t come out, couldn’t pull pin.


Another user also programmed a 2022 Captiva smart key with xtool x100 pad2, super fast in seconds just internet connection nothing else.
It should be emphasized that it is programmed by Baojun 530.

Program Chvey Captiva 2023 Smart Key 4