PSA Peugeot Citroen Diagbox License is Ready on VXDIAG!

Good news! VXDIAG released new PSA Peugeot Citroen DS software for vxdiag diagnostic tools.

Vxdiag Psa License

Compatible devices:  VXDIAG VCX SE, VXDIAG VCX DoIP series


*VXDIAG does not have a single vcx nano for PSA yet.

*Available for VCX SE V94SE****, VCX Multi V52XP****, V71XN****, V81XD****, V83XD****, V94XD*****, VCX PRO P71XP****.

*Must enable PSA license to use diagbox software.


How to Activate PSA License to VXDIAG scanners?


1. Purchase PSA license authorization

2. Install, activate Diagbox software

3. Install PSA VCI driver


Check deatiled guide:

Free Download and Install Diagbox 9.85 for VXDIAG PSA