Autel J2534 vs Cardag Plus3 vs VXDIAG vs Openport vs Scanmatik vs Other J2534

Now j2534 devices are more plentiful, Drewtech Cardaq Plus3, VXDIAG VCX SE, Openport 2, Scanmatik Pro2/PCMTuner, Autel MaxiFlash VCI, Godiag J2534, GM MDI, Mongoose Pro etc.


How to choose amgone these VCIs?

We simply divide them into two categories.

1. Supports J2534 only

2. Supports J2534 can also emulate OEM VCIs



1. Supports J2534 only

Device including: Cardaq Plus3, Openport 2, Scanmatik Pro2/PCMTuner, Autel MaxiFlash VCI, Godiag J2534 etc

They are pretty much the same, only that newer j2534 device covers more protocols like j2534-1 and j2534-2. The Cardaq supports passthru-2 and DOIP and it’s approved by all OEMs。




1). CarDAQ-Plus 3 protocols
• SAE J2534-1
• SAE J2534-2

• J2534 v05.00 API



• 4 CAN Channels


Compatible J2534 OEM Diagnostics:
• BMW/Mini – ISTA
• FCA – Wi-Tech 2.0 (2010-present)
• Ford – Ford Diagnostic and Repair System (FDRS)
• GM – Global Diagnostic System (GDS2)
• GM – Tech2Win (PC-based Tech2 software)
• Honda – Honda Diagnostic System (i-HDS)
• Jaguar/LandRover – Integrated Diagnostic Software (IDS) & Symptom-Driven Diagnostics (SDD)
• Mercedez-Benz – Pass Thru Programming System
• Mistubishi – Multi-Use Tester III Special Edition (MUT3–SE)
• Nissan – Consult III Plus R2R
• Subaru – Subaru Select Monitor 4 (SSM4)
• Toyota – TechStream
• VW/Audi (VAG) – Offboard Diagnostic Information System (ODIS)
• Volvo – Volvo Information and Diagnostics for Aftersales (VIDA)

• Chrysler wiTECH 2.0 J2534 Application (2009-older) (TechAuthority subscription required)



2). MaxiFlash VCI J2534:

Autel Maxiflash Vci

1st generation:  Autel MaxiFlash Elite J2534 is a fully compliant SAE J2534-1 & SAE J2534-2 device, which performs standard PassThru J2534 functionality. 1st generation VCI does not have CAN FD and DoIP protocols. 

2nd generation:  The MS9** Ultra series MaxiFlash VCI/JVCI+ supports CAN FD, 4 CAN Channels, D-PDU, IS 022900-1 (j2534-1) and ISO 22900-2 (j2534-2) protocols and is RP1210 compliant. The MaxiFlash VCI can be use with Windows computer with applicable OE subscription for vehicle module programming


Autel J2534 is compatible with following OEM software

Use Autel J2534 Ecu Programmer With Oe Software 01


See also: Download and Install Autel IM608 JVCI J2534 Driver for OEM Software


Openport 2.0


only supports CAN 2.0 (CAN/ISO15765) and K-line (ISO9141/ISO14230(KWP2000)/dual K line) protocols. (See: openport passthru pros and cons)

What OEM J2534 software does the Openport 2.0 work with?

Company J2534 Program Status Notes
Audi erWin Not Tested
BMW ISTA Minimal Testing
Chrysler wiTech Not Tested
Ford Not Yet J1850 support pending
General Motors Tis2Web Minimal Testing CAN vehicles only
Honda Honda Pass Thru Works
Jaguar Not Tested
Mazda Mazda J2534 Works
Mercedes Benz J2534 Pass Thru Software Not Tested $925.00!
Mitsubishi MMC Update Manager Works
Nissan Nissan J2534
Porsche Pass Thru DME Not Tested
Saturn Tis2Web Not Tested
Saab Tis2Web Not Tested
Subaru STIS Pass Thru Programming Too Works
Toyota TIS Techstream Works
Volkswagen erWin Not Tested



Scanmatik Pro2/PCMTuner


It can be used as a J2534 device with a large number of diagnostic programs and flashers made for standard interfaces SAE J2534 and RP1210.


  • ISO-9141 / ISO-14230 (K-LINE)
  • J1850VPW
  • J1850PWM
  • CAN
  • Single Wire CAN.

No CAN FD, DoIP, 4 channels protocols. 


The J2534-RP1210 driver for the SM2 adapter (SM2-PRO) makes it possible to work with a large number of third-party programs that support operation via the J2534 interface.

List of tested programs:

  • Allison DOC
  • CAT Caterpillar Electronic Technician (CAT ET)
  • Chiploader
  • Chrysler Flash Application
  • Combiloader
  • Cummins Calterm
  • Cummins Insite
  • Detroit DDDL
  • Eaton Service Ranger
  • ECU Flasher (auto-bk)
  • Ford Module Programming Tool
  • Forscan
  • GM GDS-2/SPS
  • Hino Diagnostic Explorer
  • Honda HDS
  • Jaguar/Land Rover SDD
  • JCB Service Master 4
  • MMC Flasher (Bruce-Willis)
  • Nissan Csult 3+
  • Noregon JPRO
  • ODIS
  • OpenBox
  • PCMFlash
  • Toyota Techstream
  • Renault CAN Clip
  • Volvo Premium Tech Tool PTT
  • Volvo Vida
  • Wabco Toolbox
  • Xentry PassThru.


Godiag J2534

Godiag J2534 Review 4

Supported Protocols

1. ISO15765 (Standard/Extended frame).
2. ISO9141.
3. ISO14230.
4. J1850 PWM (Support IFR and 2X speed mode).
5. J1850 VPW (Support 4X speed mode).


Compatible software:

Software Brand Year NOTE
Toyota TIS Techstream Toyota, Lexus 1995-2022 Free download and activate software, update by link
Honda HDS 3.102 Honda Acura 1995-2022 Does not support non-#7 K-line, update by link
ODIS-S, ODIS -E VW Audi Skoda Seat 1995-2022 For J2534 VAG only. Don’t support CAN FD protocol, Don’t support Ignition switch voltage detection
Forscan 2.3.48 Ford Mazda Lincoln 1996-2022 Cannot do 3, 11 medium speed CAN
Scanmaster V2.0 1996-2022 Free download and activate software
PCMFlash V1.2.0 67 modules 1996-2022 Yes, test by your side
J1979Tester 1996-2022 Free Honda immo code calculation
ELMConfig 1996-2022 Yes, test by your side
Volvo VI-DA Volvo 1996-2022 Yes, test by your side
JLR SDD2 Jaguar Land rover 2006-2016 Yes, test by your side
GDS2 GM Buick Cadilac Chevlert 1995-2022 Yes, test by your side
Xentry Passthru Benz, Smart 1995-2022 Yes, test by your side
ISTA-D, ISTA-P BMW, Mini 1995-2022 Yes, test by your side
Consult III-R2R Nissan, Infiniti 1995-2022 Yes, test by your side

Godiag j2534 just compatible with software cracks without online programming capacities.



Mongoose Pro

Mongoose Pro


    • CAN Bus (capable of ISO 15765, GMLAN, and ISO14229)
    • ISO9141/KWP2000
    • J2534 and J2534-1

Mongoose is engineered to work with one of the following OEM’s J2534 applications for Chrysler, Ford, GM, Nissan, Toyota, & VW/Audi.



2. Support J2534 also emulates OEM VCIs

Device including: VXDIAG VCX SE/Multi Tool, GM MDI (only GM OEM VCI), Super ICOM Pro N3 (emulate BMW OEM VCI only)

Vxdiag Vcx Se 1

CarDag, Autel VCI and some other J2534 don’t emulate original VCIs as VXDIAG does. VXDIAG emulates OEM VCIs – also supports J2534 like cardaq.

For example, Cardag cannot work with Ford IDS, only FJDS -FDRS. VXDIAG works with all IDS, Forscan, FJDS, FDRS.

CarDag cannot be replaced for a VCX SE or C6 VCI used in XDOS either. CarDag only works with xentry passthru version. With the Passthru and XPT devices you cannot work a priori on K lines, therefore older vehicles that use them will not be covered. VXDIAG works with both XDOS and Xentry Passthru.

J2534 device can be used as a simple Passthru device, it is not a 1:1 replacement for OEM VCI.



VXDIAG VCI will emulate following software

Toyota Techstream

Honda HDS

Benz Xentry


Subaru SSM3/SSM4

JLR SDD Pathfinder


Ford/Mazda IDS

Renault Clip

Volvo VIDA

GM GDS2/Tech2win



Vxdiag also has software loaded to a laptop ready to go. We have a decent T440p with an i7 processor and 8GB ram, you could purchase an SSD and then upgrade the ram when you get it.



VXDIAG VCX SE/Multi VCI also can be used as J2534 passthru for Hyundai/Kia J2534, Techstream official, FDRS, FJDS, Techline Connect SPS2, pcmflash, bitbox, alexflasher, gromcalc and much more.


GM MDI/MDI2 can also emulate GM GDS2/Tech2win software. It can also be used as j2534 for multiple software. If you’re on a budget you can get a good quality GM MDI clone (there’s even a Bosch firmware that you can put on it)  and that works fine for most applications.


Super ICOM Pro N3+ is a new device to replace ICOM emulator. It will emulate ICOM ISTA VCI. It can also be used as J2534 and DoIP device for many applications.


How to Use Super ICOM Pro N3+ as J2534/DoIP Passthru?



FYI: here is a part of list of J2534 Programs – Cars Trucks and others

If you know more, you can share and we’ll add it to this list so that all people know.


  • Toyota Techstream
  • Nissan Consult III Plus
  • Nissan Consult-III plus R2R
  • Nissan NERS
  • Mazda PCM Reflashing
  • Honda HDS
  • Mitsubishi MUT-III
  • Suzuki SDT-II
  • Subaru Select Monitor IV (SSM 4)

Europe + US

  • BMW ISTA-D Rheingold
  • VAG ODIS Service, Engineering
  • VAG iDex
  • Renault Can Clip
  • Ford FJDS, FDRS, IDS
  • GM GDS2
  • GM Tech2Win
  • GM SPS Programming Software
  • Chrysler Flash Application/wiTech
  • Jaguar Land Rover JLR SDD
  • Mercedes Vediamo
  • Mercedes DTS Monaco
  • Porsche Piwis 2
  • Xentry PassThru
  • Volvo VIDA
  • PSA DiagBox
  • J2534 Hyundai/Kia

Trucks and others

  • Allison DOC
  • Cummins Calterm
  • Cummins Insite
  • Case New Holland Electronic Service Tools (CNH EST)
  • Hino Diagnostic eXplorer DX2
  • MAN Cats II
  • Volvo Premium Tech Tool PTT
  • Wabco Diagnostic Software (Toolbox)